Here at Karibu Nyumbani we welcome volunteers very much. We seek to include you into our family and put a lot of effort into creating a space where you feel comfortable and can operate in your giftings. You will quickly find yourself “adopted” by the Karibu Nyumbani family. Therefore, you will on the one hand be working alongside them (which never gets boring :) and on the other hand also be able to have some time to just be. Since Karibu Nyumbani is run more like a big family, rather than a “typical“ orphanage, the schedule is not dictated by the clock, but rather by the children, aunties and mamas living here. If you keep this in mind and come with an attitude of flexibility and willingness to help wherever most needed, you will find a lot of joy in this type of “schedule” :

To make your time at Karibu Nyumbani as fruitful and as beneficial as possible for both you and Karibu Nyumbani, it is good to know who we are looking for.

Karibu Nyumbani is looking for volunteers who:

  • have a heart for children
  • are servant-hearted
  • willing to learn
  • willing to give a hand whereever needed
  • flexible and patient
  • willing to use the gifts you have to the full



Volunteer Application Procedure

The application procedure for volunteering at Karibu Nyumbani usually includes the following steps:

  • Contact Us inquiring about volunteering together with an approximate time you would like to stay at Karibu Nyumbani and your approximate arrival date.
  • Wait for her response together with the volunteer pack and the application forms.
  • Carefully read the volunteer pack, to see if you still have any questions before applying to be a volunteer.
  • Fill in the application form and medical form and send it back to Fiona.
  • Have someone fill in the reference form for you and have it emailed straight to Fiona
  • Wait for her response.
  • If you are accepted as a volunteer, start checking into flights, get your doctor’s appointments, insurance etc. sorted.
  • Once you have your flights booked, e-mail the flight information to Fiona.
  • Fly to Tanzania and enjoy your time at Karibu Nyumbani

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