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Newsletter - "Fruitful Land"

We have sent out a newsletter to friends - see Newsletter June 2012: "Fruitful land"

We have land and we are starting to clear and build!

If you have come to this site as a result of reading the newsletter, remember to come back as this page will be updated with news as the story moves on!

If you would like to help in any way, please see How you can Help

God bless

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Fiona and Ludmila away from Tanzania until the 9th of August!


Busy at work! Before visiting friends and family!

"I'm really feeling the cold- and it is June!"

] "Making chalices and plates for Holy Trinity Brompton"


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Prayer Requests


    • Ester Myself (Fiona) and Ludmila are all going to be away, please pray for protection for the Land in our absence as it is being cleared.


    • Please Pray for wisdom as we plan the site for building.


    • Please pray that we have sufficient funds.


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Soaking the Land in prayer

Taking pikipiki to Boko Temboni with Roman

After having an initial time of prayer on the Land with Roman the Founder of Agape, we headed off again to bless the Land with Fr. Ettiane The Co. Founder. Our three acres of land is in the small village of Boko Temboni just one hour from Agape Community including a ten minutes motorbike ride on rough road.

0 ...with our special Muslim Neighbour present to pray

This is the house already on the Land just at the entrance of the plot. As you can see many of the villagers live in mud houses, but some are now making their own bricks to build brick homes- just what we will be doing!


[caption id="attachment_154" align="aligncenter" width="300"] “I would love to live here" says Fiona!

The more we soak the Land in prayer the better. WE are sitting in the middle of our plot of land here after planting our first banana tree.

Already, our neighbours, some of them Muslim have asked us when we will come again to sing – they want to join us!


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Signing papers for the Land

Our neighbour standing in for the owner of the Land.

Signing papers for the Land in Boko Temboni

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