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Beautiful Video Made by Our Dear Volunteers Max and Florian in 2018

"​...so take your place, there is no more condemnation, there is only Grace."



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Our family welcoming 10 days old David

On the 25th of February we had a joy and privilege to welcome 10 days old David who had been found in a ditch close to a bus stop in Maili Moja and had been taken to the hospital by a man on a motor bike. After Social Services had contacted us, we praised the Lord for saving his life and for entrusting him to us as a precious gift. He is a healthy calm baby and has a good appetite. We are praying that our new February children, David and Isaya, may experience with us the Love that our heavenly Father has for each and every one of His children.

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Our family is growing – Welcome Isaya!

 In the first week of January we had a privilege to welcome 2 years old Isaya into our home. This lovely boy was left in a hospital after his mother died giving birth to triplets. We are very happy to have him as a part of our growing family.

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Welcome dada Katerina !

  We are blessed with a new volunteer from the Czech Republic! Katerina arrived on the 18th February and is staying with us for 3 months.

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A Big Thank you to Roger and Liney for Christmas Cards

The children were excited to read the beautiful Christmas Cards from Roger and Liney that we got with a tiny delay of 2 months. They made us very happy though! Thank you and God bless you.  

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Father Etienne – Blessing of the school land

  On the 6th of February we welcomed Fr Etienne From Agape Community to bless our school land and our school building.

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Parish Feast

  Our Parish which is consecrated to St John Bosco celebrated it's feast day at the beginning of February. Mass was followed by a competition between all the parish choirs, games and a festive meal. We are so blessed to be part of this beautiful parish.

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  WHMT (Welcome Home Ministries Tanzania)Charity, in May last year, whilst praying for their way forward, felt that it was time for them to hand over their work. I love the fact that when change is in God's timing, even though it may not be what you expected, He always has plans that can surprise you. Without realizing it a new group of Trustees was already being raised up. I am so thankful that my dear friends in the WHMT Trust were sensitive to God's voice and knew when to let go.

I am also grateful that the two teams have been working well together over these last months to make the change-over as smooth as possible. Some of you may already have been in touch with the New Trust WHTT. (Welcome Home Trust Tanzania) The link to WHTT is https://whtt.org.uk

Please visit their site.

Today I would especially like to thank WHMT for all their hard work in running the Charity for the past 5 years. To thank them for their hearts for KN, for taking time to come out to visit us, and for their promise to continue to be close, without the hard work of running the Charity!!

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When we visited our local Parish Priest to tell him about our vision to build an Orphanage in his parish 6 years ago, he promptly confirmed our own thoughts that we would need to build a school.

Starting an Orphanage was enough for us then and we left the school to God's perfect timing!

Four years ago, we opened our classroom here at KN to all the children playing on the streets because there is no Nursery in the village. We had up to 18 children come in to play, and to learn in English 123 and ABC.

It went very well, but we felt it was not right to have the orphanage and Nursery in the same place, however it revealed to us more clearly how big the need was in the village for a Nursery and Primary School.

Ludmila a few years ago shared our vision for a school with her friends in the Czech Republic and one family gave a donation which encouraged us to move forward to buy land that was for sale 3 minutes away by foot.

The land was bought and fenced by last April.

WAIT- Secure first.

When talking to our New Charity Trustees, WHTT, their concern was that if we started to fund-raise for a school we might not manage to survive as an Orphanage. Agreeing with their concern we were happy to wait until the funds for the Orphanage were more stable.

Our needs in the Orphanage are £2500 a month for 20 children and 3 mothers and 8 helpers. And the regular donations are less than half that amount now. Although one-off donations cover the shortfall, it is not a stable situation to start a school.

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Whilst waiting, I had a letter from a group in Germany who wrote saying that they wanted to give a donation for our school. Simultaneously we received another donation from Czech.

 In November of last year, whilst looking for a school for our five young children I wrote to WHTT and they agreed that,since the funds were coming from the Czech Republic, we go ahead with the first few classrooms of our Nursery school-so that we start this January!!!

This is what we have since December of last year to this day. On the 7th of January we had 27 children registered for our Nursery. We have started in our Classroom in the Orphanage, but will move into the school building as soon as we have finished, probably the end of February. 

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  "Mama" Hilary (Right) who has stayed with us every one of our 6 years and "Mama" Gloria who came this year, have said that they will be our Ambassadors in England. They will be working very closely with our new Charity Trust, with a specific task of raising awareness of Karibu Nyumbani in England and communicating with others who have visited us and feel part of our "wider family".

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All the children with their new Christmas bags (given to them by Sr Fedelis were off to school on the 7th! Two children Bianca and Samueli to our Parish Catholic English Medium School 5 km away– and thirteen of our children to the Government school in our nearest town. Our school bus picks up another thirty children through the day to go out of the village to local schools.

Since we started six years ago, either myself, Ester, or volunteers have done all we can to walk closely with our children doing homework with them, trying to fill in the gaps that we know are there due to the crowded classes and lack of funds. However, this year we are so happy to have found a young teacher in our village who since December has begun giving tuition to most of the children- especially the older ones.

Teacher Flaviana, a just out of University Secondary School Teacher has copied the Syllabus of all the subjects of Pre- School up to Primary 4. She has her work cut out, so she is now being helped by our two new volunteers from Czech Republic.

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At the start of this year I want to introduce to you our wonderful team of Aunties and Uncles. All our Aunties, and Mama Mdogo - Harness, have been with us for some time: Early last year we were joined by Aunty Joyce, Aunty Lily and Aunty Sabina. Uncle Augen, our driver has been one of the family for over a year now and as well as being a driver over sees maintenance. We also had the joy of having Lusekelo return with his wife-Kristina and child. Lusekelo over sees the growing of crops, farming, and garden. Raphael who came 4 months ago works closely with Lusekelo, and both are wonderful Uncles to the children. 

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We all at KARIBU NYUMBANI want to take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers, your love and support. For those of you who have supported us financially every month, or who have given us one off donations, we would not have survived without your generosity and love. Also to all those who have come and spent special time with us volunteering and to those who spend a lot of time and energy in England and Czech and Germany thinking about ways to raise funds. We have felt much loved.

We pray every blessing for this Christmas Season, for you and your families.

God bless you all.

From Fiona, Ester, Ludmila and all our children.

Advent, Isaya, Onesmo, Patrick, Emmanuel, Samuel, Imani, Emmanueli, Florian and Raphael

Queenie, Daflosa, Gertrud, Sabina, Devota, Shangwe, Bianca, Neema, Emy and Tumaini,

And all our Aunties and Uncles too

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A Christmas Thought


Our little three year old Florian often gets a runny nose and he said to me recently that he would like God to make him a new nose. I think even as get older, we might love God to make us a new in some way or other!

Perhaps a new heart?

Jesus had a thankful heart. When He was presented with the 5000, He was given a few loaves and fish. I just might have been a little despondent but He gave thanks to His Father! AND. It was changed into enough to feed 5000 with 12 baskets left over.

St Paul says give thanks always! EVEN for the food we eat! WHY? Because just giving thanks has the power to make poisonous food edible! Having a grateful heart can change every situation.

"Jesus said- "COME UNTO ME ALL YOU WEARY AND HEAVY LAIDEN AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST." Rest I think comes through an ability to trust.

Tanzanians have very thankful hearts. If asked "how are you?" The reply will more often be "Fine-thanks be to God". Even in the midst of a difficult situation their answer is the same and they really mean it! They know that their situation could quite easily be worse, so they are thankful for what they have. Generally the poor have a wonderful ability to see God with them in everything.

Emmanuel- God with us. Jesus is with us- Our Joy, the reason for our hope and thankful hearts.

We pray for you all that He will give you more than you ever thought possible! JOY, REST AND THANKFULNESS.

He is the Father of the Fatherless!

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News from July to November


I want to apologize to the regular readers of our Blog, for not updating our news since June. The site has had a few changes and has been moved, so, I will try now to give you a window into our last 4 busy months.

Two months in England is such a different world for me now- I love it- but it’s a long time to be away from my children.


On my arrival I met our volunteers from Czech. They arrived in May to stay for 3 months, so they were quite at home when I arrived. They were dedicated to the children while they were with us, teaching one on one with the small ones and group English with the big ones. Truly they were such ablessing – God bless you all.

I n early July, Mama Hilary, now her fifth visit, came with Mama Gloria who had waited for 3 years to come but was unable to because of sickness.

It was such a joy to have them both with us. They painted, worked in the office, played with the children- rested and prayed. Their Churches in Farnham have been such a support to us, and now Hilary and Gloria have decided to be our “Ambassadors” – as they really carry in their hearts a desire to find support for our children. ?


MAX AND FLORIAN- we miss you both so much!

We were sorry not only to say good bye to Max and Florian, but they were also our last “Caritas” volunteers. Truly they are part of our family- like 2 big brothers to the children- and always will be. Not knowing each other before they came- they worked together so well and were a blessing to us all. They taught the children more than we will ever know, but also Maths, English, computer, drawing, to make games…please come back!!




Hello Helen! – This young lady came back after being with us a few years ago. As you can see another member of our now extending family! Mama Mia was kept busy in making her new patchwork trousers and Helen kept herself busy in every corner of the place- sewing, office, kitchen, and most of all just being!! Enjoying herself with the children. Her three weeks just flew by! We hope all is going well at Uni!


 HELLO TO LYNI AND ROGER! Never been before, but when they walked in the place, it was like they had always been with us. Immediate Grandparents to the kids. And only one weeks stay!! Truly a precious time, and I look forward to seeing you here again. Thank you so much. And the children want to thank you for their time at the swimming pool, which was a gift from your Church! - A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.






Ludmila’s and my dear friend Kat, visited us too in August. She is a teacher in Poland, and is praying about coming to join us!!!! We would love that!




In September, we had the joy of meeting Bibi Rafael and Rafael himself- aged 3+ and a month later Emmanuel- 4+ and his Bibi! (Grandmother!) Both children needing a home as neither really had a home. They have both settled very well and are greatly loved by all. So we now have10 boys and 10 girls!!



 We are well and we have missed Ludmila over the last 2 months.

 The above, Ester, (left) and her sister (right) – Mama Mdogo (little mama) Harness. Enjoying our own Bananas! We have been joined by 3 new Aunties in the May, while I was away, Joyce, Lilian and Sabina, and they have settled in very well.


 We want to thank everyone for your love for us. Especially Mama Hilary for your birthday gifts you have sent us over the last few months.

 “I’m writing a card for Mama Hilary- Thank you.”


“Thank you so much for my Pony- I love it! “ Bianca





Isaya is here opening his birthday present- everyone is excited!







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When Fiona asked me to create a 4 to 5 minute movie for Karibu Nyumbani to go on the website I had many reservations that I was going to be able to do this. I had never created a movie before let alone one that was to be seen by many! In our planning, the question of music came up. Being a music teacher meant I was aware of copyright rules and was unsure how to get around this easily. Our solution was to write our own song for the movie, of which I had also not really done much before, snippets yes but not the whole process, also not in Africa with very little recording equipment, software or people to ask “how to”. I also had not overseen a project with different languages, ways of communicating music and style. 

I took a deep breath and said to the lord “if it’s of your will, I will do my best”. It was late into my stay that this project started so we were racing against time. Fiona made contact with a local musician to be the Fathers voice, and wonderfully he came to Karibu Nyumbani to record, using my IPhone. In between rain and the children being at school we managed to share our desire of the song, Fiona’s words and with some Aunties as well the song took shape.

So much learning has gone into this movie, it has taken me so much longer than I had hoped to get to this point of sharing it, but the Lords taking me on my own journey and I am learning to trust his timing in all things. 

From the lonely flute playing at the beginning of this movie, played live by Fiona herself, to the chant of the Father at the end saying he will never leave us, creating this movie side was a journey that will be with me for a very long time. 

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Prayer Request


While I travel during the next month, I will be talking to a number of parishes and individuals to thank them for their support in the past, but also to ask for more help.

Our new flyer says:-
£5 a MONTH
(from as few as 400 supporters)

This is a priority for us at the moment!!


email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please pray for me as I set off from Cornwall tomorrow.

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A Walk Along the Beach

Last week  I was walking with my Father and his dogs along the Falmouth seafront when we met a woman who asked if we could pick up one of the dogs for her to stroke. She then explained that she had had a car accident and was suffering from severe whip lash which left her unable to bend. So typical of my father he said, “We know someone who can heal you”. Within a minute or so the lady was healed, bending to touch the ground, telling the passersby that she had been healed. 

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