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Planting Grass?!! More rain please Lord!

 Expecting the rains to fall at any minute all hands were on deck carrying the heavy bags of soil and grass. The area between the new houses and the children's play area needed more soil and grassing planting. About 20 lorries of soil was carried from near by, and a lorry load of grass needed to planted within a week! It was a big job!! It is one we will always remember. We started the first day with the help of our watchman and young helper Niko, and our 2 faithful village builders, not knowing that the job was in fact going to be finished by me, Ludmila, Gitty, Theresia and the children! Niko  needed to go back to his studies, and our watchman disappeared( that's not a story for the Blog!)






 Please pray that the rains


continue throughout April and


May otherwise it will be hard for the farmers in Tanzania.


(Not only for us)- THANK YOU!


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We're missing Lillian who came in February for 2 months

Lillian came from St Albans in England. We had been praying for help especially in the area of driving, since Ludmila and I can spend quite a lot of time driving the children to and fro School. Driving in Tanzania is not something you would ask of a young inexperienced driver, but when Lillian told me that she had a lorry driving license, I couldn't help but see God's sense of humour and again how he always knows just what is needed. We had been borrowing our neighbours small lorry to get the children to school, so for the 2 months Lillian was with us she was their driver. lillian


Not only that but she used her paramedic skills doing first aid on any child with a cut or bruise. She made bread every day, and many other helpful things over this busy time. Lillian, we all miss you! we hope you had a blessed Easter at Celebrate, and all goes well at University. Please write to us soon! All our Love KN

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Over coming your Fears!

During my last visit to England I had an interesting chat with a friend, he said, "I would be afraid to come to Africa, in case anything went wrong with my teeth!" Strangely enough, that was a fear that I had too a few years ago, until I had to have a tooth pulled out. After many weeks of traveling on African buses having treatment in a "back street" dentist for a root-channel filling, it did not work,and the dentist was so sorry that it was not possible to save my tooth he gave me a new tooth for free!! Something that would rarely happen in England! Hearing this and a few other stories, John Waddoups over come His fears and stepped out in faith to come and spend 3 weeks with us. John being in his 60's came with a heart to bless our children to make cars with the boys, and be a Babu (Grandfather) to all the children.

New folder

The typical handyman that he is, he saw many little jobs around the place that needed to be done, and quietly fixed, washed, drilled and screwed!

TIME OF TESTING CAME ! -During his first week, we had a big problem with the water pipe coming into the village, and our water reserve was quickly running dry, as we were still mixing concrete for our road. I had no idea that John was worrying that he may not survive, until we actually had no water for a day and he told me that he had been up all night thinking about writing his Will! I told him that here in Tanzania, it is normal for us to run out of water, and that there was no problem as we can get our lorry to carry some from afar. He was at ease again.

Only to find himself a few days later with Malaria! It comes in many forms, and John got it bad for three days. Truly it is not to be feared, but if you do not know that is as common as flu here, it is a bit of a shock. John recovered well, and has gone home with a big African experience to tell his family.

Big thanks to Sarah, John's daughter and Johns local SVP for sending gifts with him. these gifts will be going toward our next project! (most likely Bio Gas! we will see) God bless you!

We miss you Babu John!


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God knows our every need!

After a conversation with Ester, we realized that we needed more bowls especially to bath our young ones. A day later we had an unexpected visitor! A Manager of a large superstore came with a lorry load of goods giving away to orphanages. We were all just having our siesta in the after noon and the door bell went. I went to the gate and was met with video camera and little did I know I was on TV talking to the whole of Tanzania about our little home! And every child was given their own bowl, and cup. As well as a new cooker! God knows our every need! Father we thank you for looking after us.

New folder (2)1

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Our two new girls.

Neema and Emy arrived last week, and have settled into our family very well. Both came from one hospital where they have spent all their little lives. Neema can not walk for having spent so long lying in her cot!

website jan 20152-002

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Harvester's Men visit us again.

Gerard and Derek, who visit Tanzania every year to join Roman ( Founder of Agape Community)and His ministry to the men of Tanzania, visited us again  this year. Thank you not only for the sweets and cheese, but for your powerful teaching, encouragement and prayer.website jan 20153-001

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Getting ready for the Heavy Rains!

website jan 2015-001
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Childrens first day at school.

All of our children are now at Nursery or Pre School. What an exciting day. Mama Mia (Ludmila) worked for weeks sewing uniforms!Screen Captures1-001

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Ester to Mbeya with Bianca

Ester's sister got married on the 10 of January so she and our youngest went to the celebration.  DSC07618-001

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The New Year is speeding along, I can not believe that it will soon be the end of January, so much has been going on, I am sure it is the same for you. Here for us all Christmas was a very happy time.


The children, and volunteers busied themselves, on Christmas eve, decorating the house and making Baby Jesus and the crib for our sitting room.Collages3-001

A few days after Christmas Mama Pipi went driving to get the new swings for the children. A wonderful gift from a friend of Karibu Nyumbani in Germany. Thank you so much! ( all the children were at school when I took this photo, only Shangwe was at home!)DSC07628-001

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Time of Rejoicing!

Almost two months have past since we last put up any blog!, It has been a full time. Mostly preparing for our Official Opening Day. You know how you can prepare so much that you get to a special day and wonder how you are going to have the strength to get through it. It was like that for us, Ester and Ludmila and some of the children were suffering with Malaria too, so we prayed for God to take over and anoint our day. After a week of rain, the sun shone, tents set up, food prepared, more than 100 friends came, music playing, speeches made, TV, news papers and radio reporters, and for me the windows of Heaven seem to open and there was a wonderful sense of God smiling at our Home for His Children.dec website 14

Many of our little community were working all over the house on the day so were not in the group photo, But all the children stood at the front with Ester and sang to all the gathering!dec website 141

Not only did we have the Official Opening of our new house but Bianca and Queenie were also baptized, and members of the Agape Community traditionally stood as God Mothers God parents for our children.


For all our friends from England and Czech and other parts of the world who would have loved to be with us, we felt carried by your prayers and close to you in the Spirit.

So may we take this opportunity to say again thank you all for your prayers. And we pray for you that these few weeks before Christmas will not be too busy, but even if you are, you will sense "His everlasting Arms Carrying you!"

With love from us all


COW, From Upper Room Prayer Group St. Albans!

We are so happy to say that Hannah, our gift from the Upper Room has recently had her boy calf, and he is sharing his mother’s milk with all our children and producing Yoghurt which we are selling to our villagers! This is my little morning job, and I love it!! Thank you again Upper Room.


dec website 143



Elias, a very good friend to our children and trained social worker is coming monthly to give the children an opportunity to chat, Even Shangwe who cannot talk properly yet is being heard!dec website 142-001 - Copy


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Tumehamia! Mshukuru Mungu ( We have moved in !)

During the first week of this month we started the big move! All the children, Aunties and Uncle, were so happy to have more space especially the children, who taking so much delight in each having their own cupboard. We are arranging for an official opening early December but we had our own little celebration!             October website 20141


Special visitors this month included; Brigitte-

October website 20142

- Our new volunteers Gitti and Theresia from Germany, it is so good to have their help and we have started the Nursery again, BUT NOW WE HAVE A CLASSROOM!Collages2


 -Pavel from Czech Republic - he has spent years in Tanzania drilling wells and he is hoping to do the same for us! PLEASE PRAY IT IS SUCCESSFUL



October website 20143

We are very happy to have Queenie here with us. We have known her Grandma for a little while, and she was so happy that we now have more space for this little one who has no home.



We want to thank especially all those who helped us to buy our Water Filter. It was getting really hard to boil our water. So with the move we put the filter in place this week. So thank you Jan and Patrick, your Grand children and prayer group!DSC06696


We can have clean water all the time!


Lord give us thankful hearts for the smallest gifts, and let us see your wonders all around us, You never cease to think about us and provide for our every need.


God bless you all for your prayers and love.




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Even if the olive crop fail I will praise you still! A Month of blessing!

The Old Testament Prophet, Habakkuk, encourages us to Praise God even if things are not looking so good. For all of us this last month will have had some difficulty that may have been hard to trust God for. For me it was to see so much money being spent on water. We are coming to the end of our building project, and it seemed that every penny was running away for water! We have been praying for 9 months for the Water Board  to provide us running water, and yesterday we had water flowing into our home!!!

Bianca, three weeks old, whose mother died two weeks ago, came to join our family yesterday. She is a beautiful little Indian girl!


With our chicks and kittens that arrived this week and cow earlier this month, it surely has been a month of blessings. We give Glory to God!

september website 20141-001


A special visit from Fr. Benno Kikudo.

This morning Fr. Benno our local Parish Priest came for breakfast, bringing with him Flora who is the first  member of a committee Fr. Benno is arranging to support Karibu Nyumbani here in our parish. Emmanuel (one of our youngest) was very happy to show our guests around our nearly finished buildings!september website 20143

Visit from the Health and Safety


Yesterday we were very happy to receive three ladies from the Health and safety


health and safety


Ester's good friends from Germany visited us today.. "God bless you all, thank you for your love and the blessing you were in the short time you were with us!"


We continue to Thank God for all of you who love us and pray for us and support us. God bless you all.


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Five month at Karibu Nyumbani, or how to tame a horde of little children.

I came to Karibu Nyumbani in February 2014 after having spent four months working at a Tanzanian hospital. Directly I felt at home at this place, not only because of Fiona, Ester and Ludmila welcoming me very friendly, but also because of the eight children running towards me and cuddling up to me. I was impressed by the nice and clean environment which I did not know from my previous workplace.

During the next days I got to know all the people working there, and I was very happy, that Chiara, another volunteer, was around in the beginning, so that I had a person who could explain and show everything to me. Besides duties like cleaning or washing the dishes, that have to be done every day, I had a lot of time together with the children. We played, learnt, painted and cooked together. After a few weeks, we decided to run a small kindergarten, and we invited ten children to join us each morning. Suddenly I was sitting in front of fifteen three- or four-year-old kids, trying to teach them English, counting and singing. Most of the days, after numerous toilet accidents, battles with drinking water, injuries and attempts to make them sit quietly, I felt totally exhausted. But after a little while, I saw all of them improving in what we were learning and doing, and that made me very proud of them. I appreciated a lot that there are only eight children at the moment, because I had the chance to forge close links with each of them. Especially with Advent and Isayah I had lots of fun because I slept in one room with them. Before going to bed we told each other stories and talked about anything and everything.

In Tanzania I lived a completely different life from what we know in Europe. We washed our clothes by hand and cooked our food without electricity. Of course it took much more time to do all these things, but it also gives the possibility to chat with others and to enjoy the moment without doing everything in a hurry. Apart from these everyday things, it was interesting for me to explore the culture. In the beginning I found myself lost in an ocean of strange manners and foreign values, but gradually I got used to it and started to like certain ideas. There are a lot of enriching impressions I will never forget.

Definitely I can say, that I found kind of a second family at Karibu Nyumbani and that I will come back one day.

Written by Laura on the 21st of August- see her photos bellow!

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A special visitor from England

We had the blessing of having Fr Matt Anscombe with us for five days. He came to Africa to a conference in Uganda, went on to Rwanda for one week and then had his last week with us. The children loved having him, and we had our first house mass which was a joy not only for us but some neighbours too. Considering we had  never met Fr Matt before, he left us feeling very much part of the family. He has a Father's Heart for the children and they certainly felt it. fr Matt

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Laura left us at the end of July leaving us with no volunteers!

Dear Laura,thank you for your time, courage, energy, joy, creativity, ..........We miss you, sooooooooooomuch, and send our greetings to all your family.          God bless you! Love from us all

website July 2014
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I want to thank God for bringing Fiona back safely home, and thank all the people who were praying for her while she was away.


Before Fiona went to England, we were planning to take one of our  boys to hospital for an operation on his very large hernia.

We had already tried to take him to various hospitals, but they were very expensive, and we could not afford to go to any of them. Ludmila and I prayed about it and we felt lead to contact one doctor who had helped us before. We saw really the hand of God, because our child was operated on with no cost at all.

I want to share with you, that when we really depend on God, He can do anything in our lives, even what we see to be impossible,  He makes possible!! Many times we fail because we struggle first by ourselves, without sharing with God, it is why we find ourselves being frustrated that things are not going right. We are often looking at our problem and not at God. I pray that every time I get a problem, I ask for the grace and help from God to look to Him always. I remember when we first started this project, God put on my heart a song-

" God will make a way,
where there seems to be no way,
he works in ways we can not see,
He will make a way for us."

He has not failed to  make a way for the wonderful children He has given us.



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Bye England, Hello Tanzania

wbsite july 2014 wbsite july 20141 It is so good to be back, tomorrow you will hear from Ester to hear how all has been while I have been away!


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Hi, Friends of WHMT!

I have hit the ground running, the past 6 weeks have been so full, but I now enjoying some rest, and will be heading to Cornwall to have a week with my parents!

Thank you all for your prayers,

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