In June and July we were blessed with a large group of eight volunteers from Slovakia. Their numbers brought with them great energy, enthusiasm and love. They took on their jobs tirelessly and showered the children with love. Thank you all.
Below are quotes from each of them

I am really grateful for this experience, Karibu Nyumbani is a home full of love and laugh. Thank you for an opportunity to be here.
Anna S.

Thank you that I could feel like at home. Karibu Nyumbani is a beautiful place and I hope I can come back here. This place gave a lot to my soul.
Maria R.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be in such a beautiful place with the amazing people. I hope I will come back one day. Karibu Nyumbani filled my heart with love.
. Maja Z.

I thank to Karibu Nyumbani they welcomed me and for some time I could be a member of this beautiful big family. I am grateful for this experience.
Let the God bless you and save you, let Him give you the peace, fills your hearts with love and let Him be always with you.

Karibu Nyumbani became my African home. I am really thankful for three weeks I spent here. I like African culture and I hope I will come back here.


Thank you for an opportunity to come here for your welcome. The moments I could spent with you enriched me a lot. My heart was filled with a feeling that I was at the place right for me. Simona

I found here a place full of love, joyfulness, humility, patience and unselfishness. I always dreamed about going to Africa to help as a volunteer and in Karibu Nyumbani my dream came true. I am thankful for an opportunity to come here. I could learn a lot. God bless you!
I came to Karibu Nyumbani to help as a volunteer but actually this place helped me. I brought some gifts but I got one of the nicest gifts I have ever got. God has its plans with everybody and I am glad I could follow Him right here.. THANK YOU.


Baba Paul and Mama Hilary return

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