Our Easter weekend was full of visitors! Every Catholic Parish has small Community groups and during Lent the Communities decide what and where they can do their "works of Mercy!".- "VISIT THE ORPHANAGE! So we had all the youth from our parish -3 coach loads of children. Meanwhile Ester was already hosting another small group from a village near by. They brought with them gifts of soap, flour, sugar etc. Not only on the Easter Saturday but all through the week we had families coming to bless us with gifts. We felt overwhelmed by the love and generosity that these very precious people showed.

Our children during a time of prayer also decided themselves that they wanted to do some visiting. Daflosa one of our oldest girls has 2 brothers living with her aunty and grandma and their conditions are very poor. So we gave them 2 mattresses. Bellow is a picture of Goddie very proud of his new mattress, you can actually see that his previous mattress was non existent.. One of the oldest  members of our small church lost his wife this year and the children wanted to take him some food too

easter toaP1010706A VISITOR FROM GERMANY !!

We had the joy of having Lina's mum too for the Easter week. Lina from "Caritas" has been with us since October 2015 very much part of the family now, and her mum felt just part of us too even though it was a very short stay.


One wonderful cultural thing here is that the ladies sit around doing each others hair. However the finest plaiting is usually done by the Massai, so Ester went for the best for Easter!!



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