(Gerard, Tom and Roy- men who have been coming to East Africa for at least 10 years to support men through prayer and teaching.- Harvesters.)Harvesters - Copy


“WOW” written by Roy Hendy

The 'in' word at our men’s conferences while we were at Karibu Nyumbani was 'WOW'.   Men just kept repeating it 'wow'. And all that the three of us could say at Karibu was 'wow...Lord'   Wow to the beauty of the little pathways and the pink flowers...Wow to the friendliest of children. to what God has done here...Wow to the three mums Fi, Ludmila and Ester.   Wow to their future plans ...Wow to the love we experienced there...and from me personally...Wow to Fiona my daughter.  Thanks for the most beautiful five days.



Tom, Roy and Gerard brought with them love gifts of many kinds. A big thank you to all who were responsible for these gifts - Ann, friend of Gerard, all who gave to Tom and a very special thanks to my Aunty Monica for pencils that took the children’s breathe away!

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