Prayer for OUR FARM- Please

As with all things in life there is the good and the bad. In the last few months we have had some sad and difficult situations with our small farm. Hannah our first cow died in June giving birth to her calf. She was such a good milking cow. As soon as we could we replaced her with Sarah and she will be calving in the next month.

An even worse situation hit us last month when we realized that with our visiting male Pig, came a disease which killed our 2 sows and 13 babies which were ready for selling at 2 months.

We intend to start up this project again, but will wait until the sickness has completely gone.

Our last chicken project also left us low in spirit as many died suddenly with a sickness that we decided to slaughter all and put them in the freezer.

If you have a special gift to pray for animals please can you pray as we continue these projects, that when working well, really help us with our food budget. Asante Sana ( Thank you so much)


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