News from July to November


I want to apologize to the regular readers of our Blog, for not updating our news since June. The site has had a few changes and has been moved, so, I will try now to give you a window into our last 4 busy months.

Two months in England is such a different world for me now- I love it- but it’s a long time to be away from my children.


On my arrival I met our volunteers from Czech. They arrived in May to stay for 3 months, so they were quite at home when I arrived. They were dedicated to the children while they were with us, teaching one on one with the small ones and group English with the big ones. Truly they were such ablessing – God bless you all.

I n early July, Mama Hilary, now her fifth visit, came with Mama Gloria who had waited for 3 years to come but was unable to because of sickness.

It was such a joy to have them both with us. They painted, worked in the office, played with the children- rested and prayed. Their Churches in Farnham have been such a support to us, and now Hilary and Gloria have decided to be our “Ambassadors” – as they really carry in their hearts a desire to find support for our children. ?


MAX AND FLORIAN- we miss you both so much!

We were sorry not only to say good bye to Max and Florian, but they were also our last “Caritas” volunteers. Truly they are part of our family- like 2 big brothers to the children- and always will be. Not knowing each other before they came- they worked together so well and were a blessing to us all. They taught the children more than we will ever know, but also Maths, English, computer, drawing, to make games…please come back!!




Hello Helen! – This young lady came back after being with us a few years ago. As you can see another member of our now extending family! Mama Mia was kept busy in making her new patchwork trousers and Helen kept herself busy in every corner of the place- sewing, office, kitchen, and most of all just being!! Enjoying herself with the children. Her three weeks just flew by! We hope all is going well at Uni!


 HELLO TO LYNI AND ROGER! Never been before, but when they walked in the place, it was like they had always been with us. Immediate Grandparents to the kids. And only one weeks stay!! Truly a precious time, and I look forward to seeing you here again. Thank you so much. And the children want to thank you for their time at the swimming pool, which was a gift from your Church! - A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.






Ludmila’s and my dear friend Kat, visited us too in August. She is a teacher in Poland, and is praying about coming to join us!!!! We would love that!




In September, we had the joy of meeting Bibi Rafael and Rafael himself- aged 3+ and a month later Emmanuel- 4+ and his Bibi! (Grandmother!) Both children needing a home as neither really had a home. They have both settled very well and are greatly loved by all. So we now have10 boys and 10 girls!!



 We are well and we have missed Ludmila over the last 2 months.

 The above, Ester, (left) and her sister (right) – Mama Mdogo (little mama) Harness. Enjoying our own Bananas! We have been joined by 3 new Aunties in the May, while I was away, Joyce, Lilian and Sabina, and they have settled in very well.


 We want to thank everyone for your love for us. Especially Mama Hilary for your birthday gifts you have sent us over the last few months.

 “I’m writing a card for Mama Hilary- Thank you.”


“Thank you so much for my Pony- I love it! “ Bianca





Isaya is here opening his birthday present- everyone is excited!







A Christmas Thought

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