My Stay at Karibu Nyumbani - Julian Kohl


It has been now seven month since I first stepped into the gates of this orphanage. Didn't know what I can expect and only knowing a little swahili from a two week language course. But these seven months were so amazing and I will never forget them. it seems like I have already lived here for ages and am a part of this family with 17 small siblings. I want to write a little bit about the kids because they grew so close to my heart. 

It starts with the words kaka (brother) and dada (sister) that are automatically put in front of your name as soon as you get here. That means that I am not Julian anymore but kaka Julian or just kaka. You can't do anything against the feeling of feeling home as soon as you step through the gate of Karibu Nyumbani and hearing that.

What surprised me at the beginning was the willingness of the children to work. You would never find this is Germany. The first question you would probably hear by a eight year old kid would be: "Why do I have to clean the stable of the cows? Why don't you ask my brother?" But here it is different. Whenever you ask a kid to help you working there is no matter what time or which work it is, they will help you. I started calling the four big boys "the crew", so every time I call for the crew Onesimo, Patrick, Isaya and Advent are running to me and know there is work to do and we are going to have some fun doing it. 

Besides working we are of course playing a lot together. The big kids are playing with the small ones and it just feels like they really grew together as a family and you are seeing brothers and sisters having fun together. If then someone is crying, one of the older ones comes to them, give a hug and a kiss and suddenly the world is fine again. Seeing this from the outside makes you just feel happy. There is nothing filling you more with joy then the kids running towards you after the evening prayer and want you to play snap or memory with them or they want you to read a book or tell them a story. 

I once ask Queenie (nine year old "miss sunshine") to just say the first thing that comes in her mind about Karibu Nyumbani and all she said was: "Nawapenda watoto wote, mama wote, kila auntie na kaka na moyo wangu wote!" It means that she loves all the kids, mamas aunties and kakas with all her heart.

To make it short: all 17 children with all their heart give you the feeling of Karibu Nyumbani (welcome home).


This small video I made is about how I see the every day life of the children here in Karibu Nyumbani. The kids really know how to help working and i learned a lot of them. But there is also time for playing and laughing which you can do for hours with them without getting tired. I can't imagine how it is going to be saying "good bye" in three months because it will be like leaving your second family.

I am just so glad getting the opportunity to be part of this great family. Every day is a blessing and I am so thankful to the people that welcomed me here.


This is the only picture I found with me and some of the kids.


Greetings from Tanzania 



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