"We had such a lovely, blessed, eventful and memorable time at Karibu Nyumbani that we will cherish in our hearts forever. During our 2,5 weeks there we could bring in our various gifts – from cleaning, to repair work, sowing, office jobs, designing leaflets and digitalizing exams for the school project.

After the morning jobs such as sweeping and mopping, we enjoyed being in Jesus presence during our worship and prayers times at the chapel. We also used this time to interceed for the children and the village. During one of these precious sessions, I had a prophetic picture of the children bearing torches that were lit. They lit them at a huge fireplace in the midst of the compound at Karibu Nyumbani and went out into the village with them from there. As they walked, the huts in the village emptied, one by one, and the neighbors joined the kids on their walk through the village. The further they walked, the brighter the light shined and the more change was brought to the village. The light and love of God was transforming the village. The fire of God was blazing. This showed me once again how God is using the children to further his kingdom in the village of Boko Timiza.

We visited the school project and were stunned by how well it is going and how quickly it is growing. Being there you could sense the blessing of God on it and see how much the children enjoy going there. While the children were at school, we worked on various projects, such as sowing school uniforms, helping Fiona in the office and maintance work. We enjoyed the conversations we had with the mamas, aunties and neighbors while we were working. Our afternoons and evenings were spent with the children. We enjoyed making necklaces, drawing, playing football, going on walks, doing homework and simply being with them. In the evenings we all came together for worship and prayer. These times were so sweet and spezial! One of our highlights was when Ema stepped up to share the Word with us. We were touched and amazed as he stood there with so much confidence and authority and read a long passage fluently. Ema, whom I had gotten to know as quite a frightened young boy years before, has grown so much simply by being accepted into a loving family and finding a home. We loved the children leading us in songs of praise and worshipping Jesus together.


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