For the last 5 years we have had the blessing of having Caritas Volunteers for 10 months at a time, and they come well trained to volunteer and speaking Swahili. This year we have heard that there will no longer be any more Caritas Volunteers, and one of the leaders who has brought volunteers into Tanzania for the last 10 years came to see us to say good bye!! Brigitte who has become a great friend of us all here visited for a few days- she particularly thanks Ester as she was very involved with looking after the 30 volunteers coming over from Germany each year. Brigitte recently writes!


Oktober 2017 was my 5th visit in Karibu Nyumbani. The physical development is mind-blowing. I did enjoy living in the new guesthouse. The yard is paved, which looks beautiful and cuts down the work as it is reducing the dust in the houses tremendously. AND now the new chapel gets built. I admire the three mamas and how they struggle with the local circumstances, finding the cheapest builders and keeping their joy for the work alive, finding good and cheap material for the buildings and running for a new screw or pipe which is needed. By now they are halfway experts, I also can see their tireless efforts.

As a German (always critical) I asked myself if the outward is growing too rapidly, what is with the inside. But I just can testify it has grown the same way.  The unity and love between the three Mamas has grown very stable and deeply over the last years. It is a joy to experience it and to be together with them. I can see Gods love present in their relationships. And for sure it is not always easy coming from three different cultures and backgrounds.

But thinking of Karibu Nyumbani is my greatest deepest joy, that I can just testify that it has become a “home” for all the children and workers and visitors. But first of all, to the children. Knowing the children now for five years, I can really see, they are loved, and feel loved and behave loved. Karibu Nyumbani is their home and they move freely through all the rooms and places. It is such a sweet picture how the little ones bustle about Mama Mia in her tailoring workshop, and learn how to sew their own dolls. It is a great privilege for the children to be with Mama Pipi in her office and draw a picture, while she is working, they feel very important. And to be with mama Ester while she is organizing things you see the self-esteem of the children rising.

If I see the children of Karibu Nyumbani I do see no orphans but loved and wanted children. How wonderful!


I could go on and on, but let me write one more sentence about all the Uncles and Aunties which are working very diligently in Karibu Nyumbani. Karibu is also their home, they are receiving much more care and love as would be given or received in a European work relationship.  They are in reality one big and loved family, by Fiona, Ester and Ludmilla at first, but behind that you see the love of our saviour Jesus Christ !


Visit from Immigration

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