We are amazed at all the Lord has done for us and is continuing to do through HIS love us and through Friends who allow HIS LOVE to touch us through them.

Over the past few months of coarse I have been overjoyed with little Florian, he is a wonderful gift and he is teaching me so much. Recently I was on my way with Florian to be with all the children. I was talking away to him; " You are so beautiful, amazing,. like no other. ....." I couldn't contain the words and heart full of joy as I looked into his eyes. Then the Lord spoke to me so clearly about worship. Do I look into His eyes and see His beauty, His love for me? And is my heart full of thanks and joy in my relationship with Him.

Not only for what he has done, but purely for WHO HE IS!

Sometimes our need exceeds our love. Just to sit and look into his face and to say- " I love You!"

Lord, lift us up in Worship of You.

Thank you.

Hi Everyone

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