For the last 3 months in "lock down" as well as our normal life together it has been a time of drawing very near to the Lord, to allow him to shine His love to cleanse and heal our hearts.

If anyone has been following the news concerning The Corona Virus in Tanzania, Magofuli our President has had a lot of criticism from inside and outside the country, encouraging us as a country to TRUST IN GOD, PRAY, AND NOT FEAR. It has not been clear at times exactly what state the Country has been in, but I believe now we can be sure to say that we are thankful to God that the prophecies made by WHO have not come to pass. God has been merciful to Tanzania.

We remain in prayer for those who have suffered greatly around the world, especially in my home country, including personal friends of mine, but for all those we don't know who have lost loved ones.

Lord Jesus, I pray that we give you our undivided hearts at this time so that we can rise up to be your perfect Bride through that same power of your Holy Spirit who raised up Jesus from the dead.


It had been on Ester's heart for many years to lead our children in a time of inner healing. What a better time than now! We invited Hotensia from Agape Community to come to stay with us and lead us for a week.

It was a full on time for us all, with teaching morning and afternoon and individual ministry for any who wanted. I know that the children found time to chat to Hotensia about things on their heart, and the Aunties and Uncles all expressed great joy after times of individual prayer.

The little ones over this time were having fun with Dada Kat and on the last day they had a morning of singing and dancing with a special time of prayer.

Advent David - 12 years

Shares with us that "From my heart, I see the Corona Virus has been a desert time, not only for us in Tanzania, but all over the world people have suffered. We have been praying for all the Nations every day. I see that the place here where I live is beautiful and we have not been effected here by Corona, and I thank God for that. I also thank God that we were able to have school lessons at home here during this time. We also had a very blessed week of teaching on inner healing and it was very MEANINGFUL TO ME. THANK YOU GOD, AND THANK YOU TO OUR FRIENDS WHO HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR US TOO."

Hi, my name is Daflosa, Whist we have been home, I have been so happy to learn how to sew with a sewing machine. I have been helping Mama Mia mending cloths and even making new cloths for other children. I continue to pray for our nation of Tanzania along with other nations that God takes away this sickness.

I want to thank all our friends for praying for us and loving us. If you were here we would share our biscuits with you.

29th JUNE...

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