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Our dear Ex- Aunty Domina, who will always be an Aunty, came just when 2 or our Aunties needed to return to their home for different reasons. Domina not only helped us, but we say in Swahili, "Aliwatia Moyo" She gave courage and heart to the other 2 aunties as we awaited new help. Domina, apart from being close to the Mama's and helping us but every day used her new skills as a trainee teacher. She taught in English and the children's English spelling improved in leaps and bounds! We all love you DominaP1010697

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Samueli and Imani came early March as you can see in the photo (left)- hesitant, tired from their long 12 hour journey from  a Hospital in Mbeya. Both had lived there since birth, not without relatives at all, but with no- one able to look after them. The hospital is poor and we have found that as with Neema who came not able to walk, these two had problems with their legs- both extremely bowed! Now they are settling and soon to be getting treatment for their legs. They are both smilers!new boys

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