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first impressions lasting memories....

In August & September 2016, I was fortunate to visit my birth country Tanzania. Where can I start to tell you about my visit this summer? I guess I should start by first telling you how my heart is filled with admiration for Karibu Nyumbani ophans as well as its co-founders. Who I saw as good examples of God’s many miracles.  I do regret that my visit to them was brief. However, after spending time at the orphanage, it was obvious that I will be returning there. The orphanage first impression, has left a warm, tagging and lasting memories in me that I will forever be drawn back there to see and support them. The warm welcome that even Sarah, my 6 yrs old daughter felt from the children left her with lasting memories and lessons no mother or school could have ever enforced better! The orphanage made all of us feel so welcome and at home. The happiness and acceptance from the children left me feeling loved unconditionally. I keep praying for continuous revelation from God on what he wants me to do to support his wonderful work there. As the visit made it clear that without the support and generous contributions the project receives– whether through volunteer’s time, financial donations, fundraising or emotional support and prayers it won’t be possible to sustain it.

Since my return I have done nothing but think about my visit. I feel like a piece of me remained at the orphanage. After weeks of prayers and personal reflection, it’s clear that my task is to get my local community, friends, family and university to join forces with Karibu Nyumbani and make a huge difference in the lives of the children living there even if it’s just helping them spread the word of the work they do or the support they need.  

It’s not a secret the orphanage has already given a small group of Tanzanian highly vulnerable children the chance to a bright new life. A life based on care and Gods love, healthy bodies, and minds crammed with knowledge and excitement. I truly do hope I can find purpose in my own life by helping children in desperate need for support. The co-founders- Fiona Hendy, Mama Easter and the other ladies working at the orphanage have given up their lives selflessly to help the children daily needs. However, they can’t do this job alone! They need volunteers to go there and help with the children, they also need financial donations and fundraising support to keep the project developing to help more children. It’s evident that work already done at Karibu Nyumbani is impressive! The fantastic facilities that the children sleep in, live, eat and play are clean and safe. The future need is now a decent school for them.


From the many generosities extended to them combined by hard work invested by Fiona and Ester -  A new plot has been purchased and they are looking for support building a small school for the children. the new school that will not only educate orphans but hopefully open its doors to children at the nearby village. I believe this is a fantastic vision. One that needs prayer support and fundraising. Please I urge you if you have never considered supporting a worthily cause. I urge you to consider Karibu Nyumbani orphans to be the benefactor of your kind charity….

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We are amazed at all the Lord has done for us and is continuing to do through HIS love us and through Friends who allow HIS LOVE to touch us through them.

Over the past few months of coarse I have been overjoyed with little Florian, he is a wonderful gift and he is teaching me so much. Recently I was on my way with Florian to be with all the children. I was talking away to him; " You are so beautiful, amazing,. like no other. ....." I couldn't contain the words and heart full of joy as I looked into his eyes. Then the Lord spoke to me so clearly about worship. Do I look into His eyes and see His beauty, His love for me? And is my heart full of thanks and joy in my relationship with Him.

Not only for what he has done, but purely for WHO HE IS!

Sometimes our need exceeds our love. Just to sit and look into his face and to say- " I love You!"

Lord, lift us up in Worship of You.

Thank you.

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God bless all those of you who sent greetings by email or through visitors. We feel very loved by you all and part of a bigger family. As you can see here we had much joy and laughter. We were sorry not to have Domina ( a previous Aunty, now studying to be a teacher). However our recent volunteer Michelle Clewett, New Aunties, Bupe and Usta, new Uncle Lucecelo, and Ester's sister Harnes brought our numbers here up to 25! The children opened their Christmas stockings containing some boots and toys that we had been sent by some of you. Thank you so much. Even Florian got a pair of little red boots!! We enjoyed Chicken and chips for lunch!!Christmas - CopyCHRISTMAS NIGHT VIGIL- FLORIAN'S BAPTISM

Florian was Baptized with 2 other children at the Christmas Vigil Celebration.

baptism1 - Copy

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I want to thank God for bringing Fiona back safely home, and thank all the people who were praying for her while she was away.


Before Fiona went to England, we were planning to take one of our  boys to hospital for an operation on his very large hernia.

We had already tried to take him to various hospitals, but they were very expensive, and we could not afford to go to any of them. Ludmila and I prayed about it and we felt lead to contact one doctor who had helped us before. We saw really the hand of God, because our child was operated on with no cost at all.

I want to share with you, that when we really depend on God, He can do anything in our lives, even what we see to be impossible,  He makes possible!! Many times we fail because we struggle first by ourselves, without sharing with God, it is why we find ourselves being frustrated that things are not going right. We are often looking at our problem and not at God. I pray that every time I get a problem, I ask for the grace and help from God to look to Him always. I remember when we first started this project, God put on my heart a song-

" God will make a way,
where there seems to be no way,
he works in ways we can not see,
He will make a way for us."

He has not failed to  make a way for the wonderful children He has given us.



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An Amazing Experience

While I was praying, before leaving England, the word that came to me was “Your will be done”.

I felt the Lord was calling me to trust in Him in whatever I was going to do.

[caption id="attachment_1071" align="alignleft" width="300"]Chiara our Volunteer from the House of the Open door Community Chiara our Volunteer from the House of the Open door Community

Being in Tanzania has been an amazing experience, full of blessing for my life.

However, there were times where it was difficult to follow the Lord's will. I felt as I was walking on the water, unsure where I was going. But the Lord was calling me to look up, above the waves and to trust in him. He called out upon the water, in a different country with a different culture.

Spending time with the the kids was a great reward for me. Their love was amazing, their hugs and smiles were so powerful.I felt so happy to be part of their life although it was just for a short period of time.They have been the ones who made my trip in Tanzania full of joy and satisfation. Thank you.

I hope I will be able to see them again and in the meantime  I will pray that the Lord can bless Karibu Nymbani deeply.

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"Whatever He says to you do it!"

Often when our Lord asks us to do something it is only a little nudge in our hearts. We may often think "it is only my own thoughts!" The more we step out in faith believing and trusting those little nudges of the Holy Spirit the more we will see our Heavenly Father at work, not only in our lives, but in the lives of those around us. Let me tell you why I am writing this.This month we have had the joy of having 2 beautiful ladies with us who listened to the small voice of the Lord and were obedient. One of these ladies is Ros.DSC_0509

[caption id="attachment_1050" align="alignright" width="150"]Ros Ros

About 18 months ago she phoned HOD Community to ask how I was in Africa, little did she know, I was there. She invited me to London to see her,and from there we went to see another friend of hers, Jane Rose. We enjoyed a simple lunch together and I talked about the vision that

[caption id="attachment_1051" align="alignleft" width="150"]Jane Rose Jane Rose

was unfolding in Tanzania. Jane listened and asked if there was anything we needed. I had been led to pray only that week for a certain amount I thought I would need to go back to Tanzania to start building,and Jane promptly said that she would make up what was missing.That year we were able to build our home so now 9 children have a home.

It has been such joy to have these  beautiful women with us these past weeks and both have become Grandmothers of our children.Rose photos

Since July last year we have been waiting on the Lord to start our next project to build a boys Dormitory and a girls Dormitory and a Kitchen, Dining and sitting room. So many things seemed to delay, but it "just so happened" that all things came together while Ros and Jane were with us. Jane helped to put in the foundations!DSC_0529 Without Ros's obedience to a phone call and Jane's obedience to give, we would have no home. I used to sing a beautiful song which said, "What ever he says to you - do it- and the water will turn into wine, sight will come to the blind, so whatever he says to you do it.

I know that the fruit or Ros's and Jane's life is turning into wine. We pray for our children and for all living around us that they will be given sight to see Jesus.

Pray with us. As we pray for you, that we can all hear the small voice of the Holy Spirit and say "Yes." Thank you Jane for saying "Yes" too, to be a Paton of Karibu Nyumbani!


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Hold on to your PROMISES.


We need your prayer!

“I walk by Faith,


 each step by Faith,


 to live by Faith;


 I put my trust in you.

Many different situations in August have stretched our faith. Machines have refused to work, needing more money to fix them. Chickens have died, for no obvious reason. Neighbours have wanted us to shift our boundaries, after we had agreed, and plans for building have been delayed. What are we to do in times like this?

It’s been a struggle. Mainly in just knowing our own limitations. I know nothing about machines, nothing about Africa's chicken diseases, or that there was once a driveway beside our land 20 years ago!!  What are we to do? As we watch money spent?  Chicken dying? Neighbours upset?

We have been able do nothing in the natural. On my desk I have put some cards which remind me of what to do! One says:

“Do not be afraid,


For I have redeemed you,


I have called you by your name,


 You are mine.


When you walk through the waters, I’ll be with you


You will NEVER sink below the waves.


 When the fire is burning all around you,


 You will never be consumed by the FLAMES.


When the FEAR of loneliness


 is looming, then remember I am at your side.


When you DWELL in the exile


 Of the stranger, remember


 You are PRECIOUS in my eyes.


You are mine, O MY CHILD; I am your Father,


And I love you with a perfect LOVE


Isaiah 43, 1-5

Another quotes from Mark 10 v 27, Jesus saying “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD”

This week in one of our prayer times we read together from Streams in the Desert daily readings:

“God had to bring Abraham to the end of his own strength and let him see that with his own body he could do nothing. He had to consider his own body “as good as dead” (Heb. 11:12) and then trust God to do all he work. When he looked away from himself and trusted only God, he became “fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised. “( Rm, 4:21)

Some of our dear friends have written to ask us what we need prayer for at the moment. I have not been able to reply for lack of time, but when I do, I will be saying that the biggest thing we need prayer for is to; stand firm in Faith, remembering that God is able do the impossible and will not fail to bring to completion all that HE has promised.

We pray for you too, that you will not fear, but put your trust in Jesus, who loves you.

To quote our youngest here, Emmanuel, he said ” Jesus loves me; he has given me cloths and food, and all that I need.”

He is only 2 and a half and he calls God, Mama Yesu! He needs a bit more teaching!

Oh to have faith, like a child!


Greetings too from Advent who has truly loved his first month with us! 2013-08-19 10.11.33

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[caption id="attachment_866" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Meeting with our  friendly Engineer Meeting with our
friendly Engineer

When God gives a vision, and you step out in faith, the unfolding of that vision may not be as you first thought!. We had planned to build the next house for our children in three parts, but after meeting with our engineer we were encouraged to build upwards! So we now have architectural drawings of a two storey house.
We have also been advised to make our own bricks, so in the last week we have built our brick factory! The machine is coming on Monday to start churning out 600 bricks a day! Who would have thought!

[caption id="attachment_883" align="aligncenter" width="640"]No this is not a swimming pool it is to put our bricks for 2 weeks to soak so they become really hard! No this is not a swimming pool it is to put our bricks for 2 weeks to soak so they become really hard!

Today, our children are preparing for two more brothers and sisters to arrive, they are so happy. They have moved rooms and are so excited to be sleeping in different beds tonight!

[caption id="attachment_869" align="aligncenter" width="500"] "Picnic time for teddy bears!"

[caption id="attachment_870" align="alignleft" width="150"]Isaya's first day at school, Bahati over joyed as usual! Isaya's first day at school,
Bahati over joyed as usual!

We are expecting another volunteer from Germany too, Sonja, please pray for her journey and safety.


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Prayer Requests


    • Ester Myself (Fiona) and Ludmila are all going to be away, please pray for protection for the Land in our absence as it is being cleared.


    • Please Pray for wisdom as we plan the site for building.


    • Please pray that we have sufficient funds.


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Soaking the Land in prayer

Taking pikipiki to Boko Temboni with Roman

After having an initial time of prayer on the Land with Roman the Founder of Agape, we headed off again to bless the Land with Fr. Ettiane The Co. Founder. Our three acres of land is in the small village of Boko Temboni just one hour from Agape Community including a ten minutes motorbike ride on rough road.

0 ...with our special Muslim Neighbour present to pray

This is the house already on the Land just at the entrance of the plot. As you can see many of the villagers live in mud houses, but some are now making their own bricks to build brick homes- just what we will be doing!


[caption id="attachment_154" align="aligncenter" width="300"] “I would love to live here" says Fiona!

The more we soak the Land in prayer the better. WE are sitting in the middle of our plot of land here after planting our first banana tree.

Already, our neighbours, some of them Muslim have asked us when we will come again to sing – they want to join us!


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