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  WHMT (Welcome Home Ministries Tanzania)Charity, in May last year, whilst praying for their way forward, felt that it was time for them to hand over their work. I love the fact that when change is in God's timing, even though it may not be what you expected, He always has plans that can surprise you. Without realizing it a new group of Trustees was already being raised up. I am so thankful that my dear friends in the WHMT Trust were sensitive to God's voice and knew when to let go.

I am also grateful that the two teams have been working well together over these last months to make the change-over as smooth as possible. Some of you may already have been in touch with the New Trust WHTT. (Welcome Home Trust Tanzania) The link to WHTT is https://whtt.org.uk

Please visit their site.

Today I would especially like to thank WHMT for all their hard work in running the Charity for the past 5 years. To thank them for their hearts for KN, for taking time to come out to visit us, and for their promise to continue to be close, without the hard work of running the Charity!!

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Merry Christmas from Karibu Nyumbani





Last night, during our worship with the children, I asked the Lord to give me some inspiration for this short Christmas message. Auntie Domina stood and had us all read 

Ps. 27 v 4;

“I have asked the Lord for one thing:

One thing only do I want:

To live in the Lord’s house all my life,

To marvel there at his goodness,

And to ask for his guidance.”

Verse 3 says;

“Even if a whole army surrounds me,

I will not be afraid;

Even if enemies attack me,

I will still trust God.”


How is David so sure of His GOD?

Because the Lord had answered his desire, for “one thing only.”

At this time of year, we could be desiring all sorts of things for Christmas.

It’s not so customary here to go and do a big shopping spree for “Things” at Christmas. 

Instead, we fill our children’s stocking with some of the things that friends have brought for them throughout the year that we had hidden away. 


We are children of our Heavenly Father.

He has stored up for us so many good things.


Let’s learn from David, his secret in life.  – “To live in the House of the Lord – to marvel at his goodness - and to ask for His guidance” 

He was unafraid of the giants in His life. He had learnt to see the one who could save him and not be overwhelmed by his troubles. He knew His God could never fail Him.

He was “A child at Rest” Ps 131

“He feared no one” Ps 27 v 1 

Through this Psalm, we are invited to have the best of all Christmas Gifts; -





This Christmas, gaze at the “Child Jesus”, who gave up everything to come as your Saviour. Saviour of all your concerns and fears. 

Be unafraid to ask him for ONE THING ONLY – to dwell in his presence all the days of your life. Then open up your heart to receive His gifts. Only in receiving fully can we be a gift to our closest, our neighbour and those suffering around us. 

Happy Christmas from us all at Karibu Nyumbani.


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Our dear Ex- Aunty Domina, who will always be an Aunty, came just when 2 or our Aunties needed to return to their home for different reasons. Domina not only helped us, but we say in Swahili, "Aliwatia Moyo" She gave courage and heart to the other 2 aunties as we awaited new help. Domina, apart from being close to the Mama's and helping us but every day used her new skills as a trainee teacher. She taught in English and the children's English spelling improved in leaps and bounds! We all love you DominaP1010697

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Some time ago Amelia's Grandma  mentioned  that she had a wonderful Grand daughter who might one day like to come and volunteer. Before volunteers arrive I always wonder what area they will most like to help with. Amelia and her friend Catherine arrived and fitted in immediately and helped in ways I think they did not expect!! They not only took good care of our little children, but also our animals! They were up early most mornings cleaning or mucking out  the animals!! Our German Volunteers from Caritas had a break from sweeping the courtyard! They both also just had  the knack of asking me if I needed help at just the right time, so Florian had many evening meals with them and they often gave him his bath! Truly Amelia and Catherine made our home their home in such a short time. We look forward to having YOU back. God bless you both.

cat and amelia

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New life

Two more litters of pigs born this week!


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   (Gerard, Tom and Roy- men who have been coming to East Africa for at least 10 years to support men through prayer and teaching.- Harvesters.)Harvesters - Copy


“WOW” written by Roy Hendy

The 'in' word at our men’s conferences while we were at Karibu Nyumbani was 'WOW'.   Men just kept repeating it 'wow'. And all that the three of us could say at Karibu was 'wow...Lord'   Wow to the beauty of the little pathways and the pink flowers...Wow to the friendliest of children. ..wow to what God has done here...Wow to the three mums Fi, Ludmila and Ester.   Wow to their future plans ...Wow to the love we experienced there...and from me personally...Wow to Fiona my daughter.  Thanks for the most beautiful five days.



Tom, Roy and Gerard brought with them love gifts of many kinds. A big thank you to all who were responsible for these gifts - Ann, friend of Gerard, all who gave to Tom and a very special thanks to my Aunty Monica for pencils that took the children’s breathe away!

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Three young ladies from our village after a rigorous month of teaching from Ludmila, are now busily making bags for us and earning a small wage for their families. Since November they have made 100 bags and last week they made there way to England. If you are interested to help us to sell these bags and others in the future please write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Bags - Copy

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God bless all those of you who sent greetings by email or through visitors. We feel very loved by you all and part of a bigger family. As you can see here we had much joy and laughter. We were sorry not to have Domina ( a previous Aunty, now studying to be a teacher). However our recent volunteer Michelle Clewett, New Aunties, Bupe and Usta, new Uncle Lucecelo, and Ester's sister Harnes brought our numbers here up to 25! The children opened their Christmas stockings containing some boots and toys that we had been sent by some of you. Thank you so much. Even Florian got a pair of little red boots!! We enjoyed Chicken and chips for lunch!!Christmas - CopyCHRISTMAS NIGHT VIGIL- FLORIAN'S BAPTISM

Florian was Baptized with 2 other children at the Christmas Vigil Celebration.

baptism1 - Copy

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Fi and FlorianA few months ago we had a phone call from a family in distress, a dear woman died giving birth to a son. We were being asked if we could take the little boy.

With one so little he needs the full attention of one of us “Mums” and Ester asked if I would I like to look after little Florian. After a moment’s apprehension and fear that with all else going on it could be hard, I was suddenly excited at the thought. He was meant to come the next day, so I was up all night moving things in my room for his cot, cloths and bottles etc. All was ready in the morning when we got a call that he could not leave the hospital because he had become anaemic.


Then began the long wait. Every time we expected him there was a delay. Every night an empty cot. Every passing day wondering if he would come. Without seeing him I already missed and loved him.

We heard that his father was visiting the hospital every day but was unable to hold his boy for more than a moment but watched him from a distance. He also witnessed the poor treatment that his son was getting. This poor man, who had lost his wife and was not in a position to look after this new born son, was devastated. All he could do was pray.(Father bellow)

“ Fathers eyes” P1000395I felt really sad until the Lord started to show me that not only Florian’s earthly father was watching over him with love, but His heavenly Father cared more than I or anyone else could. Florian, weak and vulnerable survived his 6 weeks hardship and arrived safely with us.

He is a real gift, and it is such a comfort to know that my love will fall short as it does for all us “mums” here but His Fathers eyes and heart of love will never fail for Florian and all our children here. It was a special time of waiting and even more joy to receive him.

We pray for all who read our blog that you find  Hope and Joy in every situation that you are waiting for at the moment. Jesus came to make the impossible possible. Our Father is close, He watches over us with Joy. Have a very blessed Advent.



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P1000787 - Copy

As many of you will know at the end of April we opened our little shop and it has been busy every day with our customers coming to buy milk and yoghurt. Ludmila’s heart has always been to teach women from the village with no income. This too is something that has had to wait it’s time. Now she has 3 very lovely young girls who are learning to make bags and different items that we can export in order to raise funds for the children. We would appreciate your prayers for this venture.


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A BIG THANK YOU TO LINDA (from England) for the desks you bought us “we are able to put our own things in the drawers!” says Queenie!DSC09006

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DSC07397 - Copy


It is with great sadness that Domina is leaving us after nearly 3 years of being an Aunty. She has loved the children as if they were her own. At the end of this month she will start her studies to be a teacher. Her desire is to come back and teach our children at “Our School” she says!

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website oct2Tim, Elise and myself were given a very warm and traditional Tanzanian welcome as soon as we walked through the airport doors and that sense of warmth continued throughout our stay. It was wonderful to see Fiona so at home and to finally meet Esther and Ludmila. The journey from the airport was a revelation as my European eyes tried to understand what I was seeing: cars and lorries overtaking and undertaking within inches of each other, traffic coming together from every angle, a bajaji, a dala-dala crammed with passengers, palm trees, people carrying firewood on their heads, on bikes, on bicycles, goats roaming and the general mayhem of a city. When we arrived at Karibu Nyumbani, it was like walking into the Garden of Eden, an oasis of peace and calm. We were greeted unreservedly by the children and offered a cup of tea and slice of Ludmila’s cake.

This was a totally unexpected and delightful treat and an indication of the week to come. We were totally taken care of throughout the week and every need anticipated. The commitment, faith and dedication of Fiona, Ester and Ludmila to the shared vision, is perceptible in everything they have achieved. It’s wonderful to see the cow, calf, pigs and piglets and all the fruit and vegetables that are being grown and taken care of.website oct1

This is truly a blessed place and a beautiful environment for the children. You can see their appreciation in their eyes and hear it in their laughter. The children are so full of love, peace and joy and it’s such a boost to see that. They are relaxed and eager to participate in the activities we brought: the airplanes and the sticker books which kept them occupied for quite a while. They are also very entertaining and charmed us with their praise singing in both Swahili and English and their prayers for each other. Amidst the lack of material things here, there is a tangible richness of human relationships. These children have been baptised in the name of the Lord and know that they are loved and important to God. They are unique and special and have the potential for greatness in the future. Mama, Mama Pipi, Mama Mia are guiding and protecting them from a life of poverty and hardship and this takes a great deal of strength and determination to overcome the many challenges facing them.

In our week together we went back to basics: washing by hand, showering in cold water, enduring power cuts, waking naturally to the joyous sounds of the children going to school and eating home grown and homemade food including kachumbali and ugali.

What a wonderful experience. We felt that we were on retreat, surrounded by orange and mango trees and bougainvillea. It’s our intention to visit every year to watch the children grow and meet the new arrivals (Jill-Chair of Trustees)20151005_141822

We also want to take this opportunity to thank all those who sent cloths and toys to us via our Trustees. The above picture shows Elise giving the children little presents from her friend at work.

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IMG_2947We have had the joy of Jane our Patron visiting us for her second time. She is truly a humble woman of God’s own heart. You can really sense a deep connection between her and the children. The children have found a “bibi” – Grandma in her and she has gained 14 grandchildren.

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IMG_2372We are proud to introduce you to our first mother pig. She surprised us with 8 piglets at the end of August. Her sister followed a week later by giving birth to a further 7 piglets!

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"MAMA MIA" - we will miss you!

DSC08777 - Copy

I will leave for Czech on the 30th of Aug for one month!  I am looking forward to seeing friends and family and having a good holiday. God has been so good to give me a home here in Tanzania and through the life we live here together the Lord is always teaching me. At the moment he is telling me to stop from my business, to stop and be, JUST BE. Always in life there are many things to distract us from the main purpose, and my main purpose is to be MUM to the kids. Lord help me not to be so busy!!


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Mum, Marta says- “Thinking about what to say to you, I thought of John the Baptist. Many people were following him but he clearly told the people that the One to come was the One that would give them Eternal Life. These children are following the example of their Mamas and Aunties and Uncles. I can see that in their worship as a family together they know that the One who holds all of them is their heavenly Father in Heaven. He is the source of their Joy and Life.For Aug News letter1-001

JANA- DAUGHTER SAYS-“I have loved it here, especially the way that everyone gave so fully of themselves whether they were singing or playing, they did everything with all their strength. Also the animals and birds, they are so beautiful. Not speaking English or Swahili was a bit of a barrier, but not one that could not be overcome!”

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We were very happy to have Jessica come and join us last month. She is the first young lady to come and join the Aunties with the possibilityDSC08786-001 - Copy to later join the “Mamas” She has spent one year doing Bible Study at Fr Ettiene’s youth community (another offshoot of Agape Community, as we are!) She feels a call to work with Orphans and has a wonderful heart for our kids, as do all the other aunties who so work so hard with us.

Jessica says " I had no idea that Agape Community had an Orphanage affiliated with them, so I was so pleased to be able to come here and be part of a Community"

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to use


Hilary says, " We had such a warm welcome at Karibu Nyumbani, It took a few days to learn the children's names but now both their names and characters are imprinted on our hearts.


Clare says, " You cannot help but fall immediately in love with all the children. God's love shines through them. The mamas and aunties do amazing work caring for them and embracing them in their love. Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome you will all be in our thought and prayer back home.


Gemma says, I'm very thankful for being given the opportunity to spend time at Karibu Nyumbani. It has been hard work at times but I've thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The children are so lovely, as are the wonderful people who care for them.


Cara says "I very experienced so much love and joy in one place as I have in Karibu Nyumbani. It has been an unforgettable experience which has made me grow a  person. I am so thankful for every child, mum, and auntie. I've met and they will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.


Sian says, "Spending time at Karibu Nyumbani has been an unforgettable experience filled with hard work, laughter and happiness. Thanks to the love shown to us by all the Mamas, Children and Aunties and the real presence of God that can be felt here at Karibu Nyumbani It shall always be a place I consider home.


Bella says,"Karibu Nyumbani is such a blessed place where God's love shines through all the mamas, Aunties and children. Everyone has been so wonderful and welcoming and the Children are full of such happiness and laughter. Thank you everyone for your hospitality. Karibu Nyumbani definitely feels like home.


LJ says " We all had such an amazing three weeks at Karibu Nyumbani full of wonderful experiences. The children were all so lovely and from the second we met them each of their personalities shone through. Thank you to everyone who gave us such a warm welcome.photos of volunteers to keepOur group of volunteers  from a Parish in Surrey, England called themselves "Helping hands for Tanzania 2015. They have been just that!. They made a shelf for our very untidy store, painted our classroom and office, swept our courtyard every day, watered the vegetables. All the while pouring out their love for our children. Every spare moment they were walking and talking, playing and singing. One other project was to make wonderful bags for with our logo on. They have gone home with 40 bags to sell to raise funds for some of our next projects. We are overwhelmed by their "Miyoyo kwa kujitolea!" "Selfless giving hearts" Asante Sana Marafiki Zetu!



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