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  WHMT (Welcome Home Ministries Tanzania)Charity, in May last year, whilst praying for their way forward, felt that it was time for them to hand over their work. I love the fact that when change is in God's timing, even though it may not be what you expected, He always has plans that can surprise you. Without realizing it a new group of Trustees was already being raised up. I am so thankful that my dear friends in the WHMT Trust were sensitive to God's voice and knew when to let go.

I am also grateful that the two teams have been working well together over these last months to make the change-over as smooth as possible. Some of you may already have been in touch with the New Trust WHTT. (Welcome Home Trust Tanzania) The link to WHTT is https://whtt.org.uk

Please visit their site.

Today I would especially like to thank WHMT for all their hard work in running the Charity for the past 5 years. To thank them for their hearts for KN, for taking time to come out to visit us, and for their promise to continue to be close, without the hard work of running the Charity!!

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