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Merry Christmas from Karibu Nyumbani





Last night, during our worship with the children, I asked the Lord to give me some inspiration for this short Christmas message. Auntie Domina stood and had us all read 

Ps. 27 v 4;

“I have asked the Lord for one thing:

One thing only do I want:

To live in the Lord’s house all my life,

To marvel there at his goodness,

And to ask for his guidance.”

Verse 3 says;

“Even if a whole army surrounds me,

I will not be afraid;

Even if enemies attack me,

I will still trust God.”


How is David so sure of His GOD?

Because the Lord had answered his desire, for “one thing only.”

At this time of year, we could be desiring all sorts of things for Christmas.

It’s not so customary here to go and do a big shopping spree for “Things” at Christmas. 

Instead, we fill our children’s stocking with some of the things that friends have brought for them throughout the year that we had hidden away. 


We are children of our Heavenly Father.

He has stored up for us so many good things.


Let’s learn from David, his secret in life.  – “To live in the House of the Lord – to marvel at his goodness - and to ask for His guidance” 

He was unafraid of the giants in His life. He had learnt to see the one who could save him and not be overwhelmed by his troubles. He knew His God could never fail Him.

He was “A child at Rest” Ps 131

“He feared no one” Ps 27 v 1 

Through this Psalm, we are invited to have the best of all Christmas Gifts; -





This Christmas, gaze at the “Child Jesus”, who gave up everything to come as your Saviour. Saviour of all your concerns and fears. 

Be unafraid to ask him for ONE THING ONLY – to dwell in his presence all the days of your life. Then open up your heart to receive His gifts. Only in receiving fully can we be a gift to our closest, our neighbour and those suffering around us. 

Happy Christmas from us all at Karibu Nyumbani.


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Joy on both faces as baby Francis meets Ludmila- Mama Mia! Little Francis's mother died  one month after he was born. He came in a state of shock, and Ludmila had no sleep for at least 3 nights. He has settled and is very happy in his new home! Click "continue reading" for more pictures and details.


website March 2016


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Samueli and Imani came early March as you can see in the photo (left)- hesitant, tired from their long 12 hour journey from  a Hospital in Mbeya. Both had lived there since birth, not without relatives at all, but with no- one able to look after them. The hospital is poor and we have found that as with Neema who came not able to walk, these two had problems with their legs- both extremely bowed! Now they are settling and soon to be getting treatment for their legs. They are both smilers!new boys

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"Hi everyone, we are off to school again, we are a bit bright here, but unless we brighten the picture you cannot see our beautiful faces. Thanks to Mama Mia for all our new uniforms, yes she made them all along with all the other things she does here! AND Emy and Shangwe also started school but we don't have a picture of them yet as they were a few days later than us!!"P1010158-001

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God bless all those of you who sent greetings by email or through visitors. We feel very loved by you all and part of a bigger family. As you can see here we had much joy and laughter. We were sorry not to have Domina ( a previous Aunty, now studying to be a teacher). However our recent volunteer Michelle Clewett, New Aunties, Bupe and Usta, new Uncle Lucecelo, and Ester's sister Harnes brought our numbers here up to 25! The children opened their Christmas stockings containing some boots and toys that we had been sent by some of you. Thank you so much. Even Florian got a pair of little red boots!! We enjoyed Chicken and chips for lunch!!Christmas - CopyCHRISTMAS NIGHT VIGIL- FLORIAN'S BAPTISM

Florian was Baptized with 2 other children at the Christmas Vigil Celebration.

baptism1 - Copy

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Fi and FlorianA few months ago we had a phone call from a family in distress, a dear woman died giving birth to a son. We were being asked if we could take the little boy.

With one so little he needs the full attention of one of us “Mums” and Ester asked if I would I like to look after little Florian. After a moment’s apprehension and fear that with all else going on it could be hard, I was suddenly excited at the thought. He was meant to come the next day, so I was up all night moving things in my room for his cot, cloths and bottles etc. All was ready in the morning when we got a call that he could not leave the hospital because he had become anaemic.


Then began the long wait. Every time we expected him there was a delay. Every night an empty cot. Every passing day wondering if he would come. Without seeing him I already missed and loved him.

We heard that his father was visiting the hospital every day but was unable to hold his boy for more than a moment but watched him from a distance. He also witnessed the poor treatment that his son was getting. This poor man, who had lost his wife and was not in a position to look after this new born son, was devastated. All he could do was pray.(Father bellow)

“ Fathers eyes” P1000395I felt really sad until the Lord started to show me that not only Florian’s earthly father was watching over him with love, but His heavenly Father cared more than I or anyone else could. Florian, weak and vulnerable survived his 6 weeks hardship and arrived safely with us.

He is a real gift, and it is such a comfort to know that my love will fall short as it does for all us “mums” here but His Fathers eyes and heart of love will never fail for Florian and all our children here. It was a special time of waiting and even more joy to receive him.

We pray for all who read our blog that you find  Hope and Joy in every situation that you are waiting for at the moment. Jesus came to make the impossible possible. Our Father is close, He watches over us with Joy. Have a very blessed Advent.



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A BIG THANK YOU TO LINDA (from England) for the desks you bought us “we are able to put our own things in the drawers!” says Queenie!DSC09006

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Neema  is really walking well. When she came in Feb. this year, the doctors said she may not walk until she is four. Now she is getting herself into all sorts of trouble but you can see from her smile that she is really happy.


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Greetings from Shangwe on her 3rd birthday. We had a lunch out together just after our friends left for England so it was a good distraction for the children!

Shangwe greets you all and says" I love you!"

God bless you all x


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Shoes from Germany!

A big thank you to Theresia's parents who sent us shoes! You may not have heard, but every child had a new pair of shoes to wear for Easter Sunday- And you should have seen Bianca's face when she put shoes on for the first time. God bless you.sheos

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Our big girls, playing mum!

Queenie and Devota, as are all the girls getting more and more beautiful and so helpful!



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Our two new girls.

Neema and Emy arrived last week, and have settled into our family very well. Both came from one hospital where they have spent all their little lives. Neema can not walk for having spent so long lying in her cot!

website jan 20152-002

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Childrens first day at school.

All of our children are now at Nursery or Pre School. What an exciting day. Mama Mia (Ludmila) worked for weeks sewing uniforms!Screen Captures1-001

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Ester to Mbeya with Bianca

Ester's sister got married on the 10 of January so she and our youngest went to the celebration.  DSC07618-001

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Five month at Karibu Nyumbani, or how to tame a horde of little children.

I came to Karibu Nyumbani in February 2014 after having spent four months working at a Tanzanian hospital. Directly I felt at home at this place, not only because of Fiona, Ester and Ludmila welcoming me very friendly, but also because of the eight children running towards me and cuddling up to me. I was impressed by the nice and clean environment which I did not know from my previous workplace.

During the next days I got to know all the people working there, and I was very happy, that Chiara, another volunteer, was around in the beginning, so that I had a person who could explain and show everything to me. Besides duties like cleaning or washing the dishes, that have to be done every day, I had a lot of time together with the children. We played, learnt, painted and cooked together. After a few weeks, we decided to run a small kindergarten, and we invited ten children to join us each morning. Suddenly I was sitting in front of fifteen three- or four-year-old kids, trying to teach them English, counting and singing. Most of the days, after numerous toilet accidents, battles with drinking water, injuries and attempts to make them sit quietly, I felt totally exhausted. But after a little while, I saw all of them improving in what we were learning and doing, and that made me very proud of them. I appreciated a lot that there are only eight children at the moment, because I had the chance to forge close links with each of them. Especially with Advent and Isayah I had lots of fun because I slept in one room with them. Before going to bed we told each other stories and talked about anything and everything.

In Tanzania I lived a completely different life from what we know in Europe. We washed our clothes by hand and cooked our food without electricity. Of course it took much more time to do all these things, but it also gives the possibility to chat with others and to enjoy the moment without doing everything in a hurry. Apart from these everyday things, it was interesting for me to explore the culture. In the beginning I found myself lost in an ocean of strange manners and foreign values, but gradually I got used to it and started to like certain ideas. There are a lot of enriching impressions I will never forget.

Definitely I can say, that I found kind of a second family at Karibu Nyumbani and that I will come back one day.

Written by Laura on the 21st of August- see her photos bellow!

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We are looking forward to having Sabina and Shangwe, two of our youngest baptized at the Easter Vigil! May the Peace of Our Lord Jesus surround you over this Easter.
With love from us all here at Karibu Nyumbani.

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Two more children from the village!

Sabina and Shangwe arrived early January and have brought so much joy to our home. We are now a family of  9 children.website january 2014


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Seven children Baptized

This weekend all our beautiful children were baptized during the celebration of our small church being formally recognized as part of the Kibaha parish.

[caption id="attachment_965" align="aligncenter" width="300"]We are ready to go! We are ready to go!

[caption id="attachment_970" align="aligncenter" width="400"] "Be careful with your candles!"

Everyone in the parish had worked hard to plaster the walls, concrete and tile the floor, etc, ready for the big day. I marveled to see our little church which 3 years ago was just a few bricks for people to sit on under a tree. This weekend it was full, 21 children being baptized, 3 weddings, and over 300 guests all eating together afterwards.inside the churchAfter the celebrations one of the Parish Priests came to bless our home.DSC04686-001Then our children's sponsors and other guests stayed to celebrate with us at home.DSC04713We give Glory and Thanks to God for this special day.


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Elisha arrived a few days ago.

He says hi!

ElishaUnfortunately after staying with us three weeks, Elisha's Grandparents asked to have him back, we were very sorry to see him go, Please pray for him, he was quite unwell.

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Special Day

October 10th, is a special day since it was the day that Ester and I shared together about the vision Karibu Nyumbani in 2010 !

[caption id="attachment_921" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Bahati's 5th Birthday Our First Child's Birthday in the House Bahati's 5th Birthday
Our First Child's Birthday in the House

Now it is special for another reason. Bahati, our first boy  has his birthday on this day too.

That day, Ester and I had and unexpected difficult morning, we went with our Architect and Engineer to interview our Contractors.  We were knocked over by the amount that they wanted for building our new house and the situation seemed impossible! Rather stunned from our day we arrived home to find all preparations for Bahati's 5th Birthday arranged. The joy and celebrations  lifted us reminding us to thank God that all things are in His hands and what may yet seem bad news can be worked for good- We are waiting in faith to see!

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