When Fiona asked me to create a 4 to 5 minute movie for Karibu Nyumbani to go on the website I had many reservations that I was going to be able to do this. I had never created a movie before let alone one that was to be seen by many! In our planning, the question of music came up. Being a music teacher meant I was aware of copyright rules and was unsure how to get around this easily. Our solution was to write our own song for the movie, of which I had also not really done much before, snippets yes but not the whole process, also not in Africa with very little recording equipment, software or people to ask “how to”. I also had not overseen a project with different languages, ways of communicating music and style. 

I took a deep breath and said to the lord “if it’s of your will, I will do my best”. It was late into my stay that this project started so we were racing against time. Fiona made contact with a local musician to be the Fathers voice, and wonderfully he came to Karibu Nyumbani to record, using my IPhone. In between rain and the children being at school we managed to share our desire of the song, Fiona’s words and with some Aunties as well the song took shape.

So much learning has gone into this movie, it has taken me so much longer than I had hoped to get to this point of sharing it, but the Lords taking me on my own journey and I am learning to trust his timing in all things. 

From the lonely flute playing at the beginning of this movie, played live by Fiona herself, to the chant of the Father at the end saying he will never leave us, creating this movie side was a journey that will be with me for a very long time. 

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Home from Home


 Ludmila and I flew on the first of May and arrived late evening in Heathrow. A great flight, and lovely to travel together!

We are staying for a few days at the House of the Open-Door Community the home of both of us before we made home in Tanzania. It is so good to be here, and such a joy to be welcomed Home again here in England.

The Psalm on our Logo is “The Lord places the Lonely in homes” Ps –

Karibu Nyumbani, some of you may not know means “Welcome Home”. It gives me so much joy that it is not only home for me the other Mamas and the children, but for volunteers and friends who come to visit, some for only 3 weeks and others for 6 months and more.

Please pray for Ludmila and me, who will be away for the next 2 months moving-moving!! Ludmila flies to Czech in a few weeks. Pray too for Ester who will be heading up the building of a small house for our volunteers and guests!! It will probably be finished before we return!!

This month enjoy reading Julian’s blog- Our Volunteer from Germany.

God, bless you



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My Stay at Karibu Nyumbani - Julian Kohl


It has been now seven month since I first stepped into the gates of this orphanage. Didn't know what I can expect and only knowing a little swahili from a two week language course. But these seven months were so amazing and I will never forget them. it seems like I have already lived here for ages and am a part of this family with 17 small siblings. I want to write a little bit about the kids because they grew so close to my heart. 

It starts with the words kaka (brother) and dada (sister) that are automatically put in front of your name as soon as you get here. That means that I am not Julian anymore but kaka Julian or just kaka. You can't do anything against the feeling of feeling home as soon as you step through the gate of Karibu Nyumbani and hearing that.

What surprised me at the beginning was the willingness of the children to work. You would never find this is Germany. The first question you would probably hear by a eight year old kid would be: "Why do I have to clean the stable of the cows? Why don't you ask my brother?" But here it is different. Whenever you ask a kid to help you working there is no matter what time or which work it is, they will help you. I started calling the four big boys "the crew", so every time I call for the crew Onesimo, Patrick, Isaya and Advent are running to me and know there is work to do and we are going to have some fun doing it. 

Besides working we are of course playing a lot together. The big kids are playing with the small ones and it just feels like they really grew together as a family and you are seeing brothers and sisters having fun together. If then someone is crying, one of the older ones comes to them, give a hug and a kiss and suddenly the world is fine again. Seeing this from the outside makes you just feel happy. There is nothing filling you more with joy then the kids running towards you after the evening prayer and want you to play snap or memory with them or they want you to read a book or tell them a story. 

I once ask Queenie (nine year old "miss sunshine") to just say the first thing that comes in her mind about Karibu Nyumbani and all she said was: "Nawapenda watoto wote, mama wote, kila auntie na kaka na moyo wangu wote!" It means that she loves all the kids, mamas aunties and kakas with all her heart.

To make it short: all 17 children with all their heart give you the feeling of Karibu Nyumbani (welcome home).


This small video I made is about how I see the every day life of the children here in Karibu Nyumbani. The kids really know how to help working and i learned a lot of them. But there is also time for playing and laughing which you can do for hours with them without getting tired. I can't imagine how it is going to be saying "good bye" in three months because it will be like leaving your second family.

I am just so glad getting the opportunity to be part of this great family. Every day is a blessing and I am so thankful to the people that welcomed me here.


This is the only picture I found with me and some of the kids.


Greetings from Tanzania 



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Merry Christmas from Karibu Nyumbani





Last night, during our worship with the children, I asked the Lord to give me some inspiration for this short Christmas message. Auntie Domina stood and had us all read 

Ps. 27 v 4;

“I have asked the Lord for one thing:

One thing only do I want:

To live in the Lord’s house all my life,

To marvel there at his goodness,

And to ask for his guidance.”

Verse 3 says;

“Even if a whole army surrounds me,

I will not be afraid;

Even if enemies attack me,

I will still trust God.”


How is David so sure of His GOD?

Because the Lord had answered his desire, for “one thing only.”

At this time of year, we could be desiring all sorts of things for Christmas.

It’s not so customary here to go and do a big shopping spree for “Things” at Christmas. 

Instead, we fill our children’s stocking with some of the things that friends have brought for them throughout the year that we had hidden away. 


We are children of our Heavenly Father.

He has stored up for us so many good things.


Let’s learn from David, his secret in life.  – “To live in the House of the Lord – to marvel at his goodness - and to ask for His guidance” 

He was unafraid of the giants in His life. He had learnt to see the one who could save him and not be overwhelmed by his troubles. He knew His God could never fail Him.

He was “A child at Rest” Ps 131

“He feared no one” Ps 27 v 1 

Through this Psalm, we are invited to have the best of all Christmas Gifts; -





This Christmas, gaze at the “Child Jesus”, who gave up everything to come as your Saviour. Saviour of all your concerns and fears. 

Be unafraid to ask him for ONE THING ONLY – to dwell in his presence all the days of your life. Then open up your heart to receive His gifts. Only in receiving fully can we be a gift to our closest, our neighbour and those suffering around us. 

Happy Christmas from us all at Karibu Nyumbani.


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Working on the Website

Working on the Website
Here's Fiona and Liz working on the website in the UK.
Now Fiona is back in TZ, we're working together over the internet!
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New Website, How Exciting!

New Website, How Exciting!

We have a new website! 

We hope you really like it. 

Why not contact us to let us know what you think?


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Joy on both faces as baby Francis meets Ludmila- Mama Mia! Little Francis's mother died  one month after he was born. He came in a state of shock, and Ludmila had no sleep for at least 3 nights. He has settled and is very happy in his new home! Click "continue reading" for more pictures and details.


website March 2016


Continue reading
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Our Easter weekend was full of visitors! Every Catholic Parish has small Community groups and during Lent the Communities decide what and where they can do their "works of Mercy!".- "VISIT THE ORPHANAGE! So we had all the youth from our parish -3 coach loads of children. Meanwhile Ester was already hosting another small group from a village near by. They brought with them gifts of soap, flour, sugar etc. Not only on the Easter Saturday but all through the week we had families coming to bless us with gifts. We felt overwhelmed by the love and generosity that these very precious people showed.

Our children during a time of prayer also decided themselves that they wanted to do some visiting. Daflosa one of our oldest girls has 2 brothers living with her aunty and grandma and their conditions are very poor. So we gave them 2 mattresses. Bellow is a picture of Goddie very proud of his new mattress, you can actually see that his previous mattress was non existent.. One of the oldest  members of our small church lost his wife this year and the children wanted to take him some food too

easter toaP1010706A VISITOR FROM GERMANY !!

We had the joy of having Lina's mum too for the Easter week. Lina from "Caritas" has been with us since October 2015 very much part of the family now, and her mum felt just part of us too even though it was a very short stay.


One wonderful cultural thing here is that the ladies sit around doing each others hair. However the finest plaiting is usually done by the Massai, so Ester went for the best for Easter!!



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Our dear Ex- Aunty Domina, who will always be an Aunty, came just when 2 or our Aunties needed to return to their home for different reasons. Domina not only helped us, but we say in Swahili, "Aliwatia Moyo" She gave courage and heart to the other 2 aunties as we awaited new help. Domina, apart from being close to the Mama's and helping us but every day used her new skills as a trainee teacher. She taught in English and the children's English spelling improved in leaps and bounds! We all love you DominaP1010697

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Samueli and Imani came early March as you can see in the photo (left)- hesitant, tired from their long 12 hour journey from  a Hospital in Mbeya. Both had lived there since birth, not without relatives at all, but with no- one able to look after them. The hospital is poor and we have found that as with Neema who came not able to walk, these two had problems with their legs- both extremely bowed! Now they are settling and soon to be getting treatment for their legs. They are both smilers!new boys

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Some time ago Amelia's Grandma  mentioned  that she had a wonderful Grand daughter who might one day like to come and volunteer. Before volunteers arrive I always wonder what area they will most like to help with. Amelia and her friend Catherine arrived and fitted in immediately and helped in ways I think they did not expect!! They not only took good care of our little children, but also our animals! They were up early most mornings cleaning or mucking out  the animals!! Our German Volunteers from Caritas had a break from sweeping the courtyard! They both also just had  the knack of asking me if I needed help at just the right time, so Florian had many evening meals with them and they often gave him his bath! Truly Amelia and Catherine made our home their home in such a short time. We look forward to having YOU back. God bless you both.

cat and amelia

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New life

Two more litters of pigs born this week!


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february website 20161
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february website 2016
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   (Gerard, Tom and Roy- men who have been coming to East Africa for at least 10 years to support men through prayer and teaching.- Harvesters.)Harvesters - Copy


“WOW” written by Roy Hendy

The 'in' word at our men’s conferences while we were at Karibu Nyumbani was 'WOW'.   Men just kept repeating it 'wow'. And all that the three of us could say at Karibu was 'wow...Lord'   Wow to the beauty of the little pathways and the pink flowers...Wow to the friendliest of children. ..wow to what God has done here...Wow to the three mums Fi, Ludmila and Ester.   Wow to their future plans ...Wow to the love we experienced there...and from me personally...Wow to Fiona my daughter.  Thanks for the most beautiful five days.



Tom, Roy and Gerard brought with them love gifts of many kinds. A big thank you to all who were responsible for these gifts - Ann, friend of Gerard, all who gave to Tom and a very special thanks to my Aunty Monica for pencils that took the children’s breathe away!

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We are amazed at all the Lord has done for us and is continuing to do through HIS love us and through Friends who allow HIS LOVE to touch us through them.

Over the past few months of coarse I have been overjoyed with little Florian, he is a wonderful gift and he is teaching me so much. Recently I was on my way with Florian to be with all the children. I was talking away to him; " You are so beautiful, amazing,. like no other. ....." I couldn't contain the words and heart full of joy as I looked into his eyes. Then the Lord spoke to me so clearly about worship. Do I look into His eyes and see His beauty, His love for me? And is my heart full of thanks and joy in my relationship with Him.

Not only for what he has done, but purely for WHO HE IS!

Sometimes our need exceeds our love. Just to sit and look into his face and to say- " I love You!"

Lord, lift us up in Worship of You.

Thank you.

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building the new Kitchen COLLAGE - Copy






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Three young ladies from our village after a rigorous month of teaching from Ludmila, are now busily making bags for us and earning a small wage for their families. Since November they have made 100 bags and last week they made there way to England. If you are interested to help us to sell these bags and others in the future please write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Bags - Copy

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"Hi everyone, we are off to school again, we are a bit bright here, but unless we brighten the picture you cannot see our beautiful faces. Thanks to Mama Mia for all our new uniforms, yes she made them all along with all the other things she does here! AND Emy and Shangwe also started school but we don't have a picture of them yet as they were a few days later than us!!"P1010158-001

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God bless all those of you who sent greetings by email or through visitors. We feel very loved by you all and part of a bigger family. As you can see here we had much joy and laughter. We were sorry not to have Domina ( a previous Aunty, now studying to be a teacher). However our recent volunteer Michelle Clewett, New Aunties, Bupe and Usta, new Uncle Lucecelo, and Ester's sister Harnes brought our numbers here up to 25! The children opened their Christmas stockings containing some boots and toys that we had been sent by some of you. Thank you so much. Even Florian got a pair of little red boots!! We enjoyed Chicken and chips for lunch!!Christmas - CopyCHRISTMAS NIGHT VIGIL- FLORIAN'S BAPTISM

Florian was Baptized with 2 other children at the Christmas Vigil Celebration.

baptism1 - Copy

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