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Beautiful Video Made by Our Dear Volunteers Max and Florian in 2018

"​ take your place, there is no more condemnation, there is only Grace."


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We all at KARIBU NYUMBANI want to take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers, your love and support. For those of you who have supported us financially every month, or who have given us one off donations, we would not have survived without your generosity and love. Also to all those who have come and spent special time with us volunteering and to those who spend a lot of time and energy in England and Czech and Germany thinking about ways to raise funds. We have felt much loved.

We pray every blessing for this Christmas Season, for you and your families.

God bless you all.

From Fiona, Ester, Ludmila and all our children.

Advent, Isaya, Onesmo, Patrick, Emmanuel, Samuel, Imani, Emmanueli, Florian and Raphael

Queenie, Daflosa, Gertrud, Sabina, Devota, Shangwe, Bianca, Neema, Emy and Tumaini,

And all our Aunties and Uncles too

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A Christmas Thought


Our little three year old Florian often gets a runny nose and he said to me recently that he would like God to make him a new nose. I think even as get older, we might love God to make us a new in some way or other!

Perhaps a new heart?

Jesus had a thankful heart. When He was presented with the 5000, He was given a few loaves and fish. I just might have been a little despondent but He gave thanks to His Father! AND. It was changed into enough to feed 5000 with 12 baskets left over.

St Paul says give thanks always! EVEN for the food we eat! WHY? Because just giving thanks has the power to make poisonous food edible! Having a grateful heart can change every situation.

"Jesus said- "COME UNTO ME ALL YOU WEARY AND HEAVY LAIDEN AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST." Rest I think comes through an ability to trust.

Tanzanians have very thankful hearts. If asked "how are you?" The reply will more often be "Fine-thanks be to God". Even in the midst of a difficult situation their answer is the same and they really mean it! They know that their situation could quite easily be worse, so they are thankful for what they have. Generally the poor have a wonderful ability to see God with them in everything.

Emmanuel- God with us. Jesus is with us- Our Joy, the reason for our hope and thankful hearts.

We pray for you all that He will give you more than you ever thought possible! JOY, REST AND THANKFULNESS.

He is the Father of the Fatherless!

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News from July to November


I want to apologize to the regular readers of our Blog, for not updating our news since June. The site has had a few changes and has been moved, so, I will try now to give you a window into our last 4 busy months.

Two months in England is such a different world for me now- I love it- but it’s a long time to be away from my children.


On my arrival I met our volunteers from Czech. They arrived in May to stay for 3 months, so they were quite at home when I arrived. They were dedicated to the children while they were with us, teaching one on one with the small ones and group English with the big ones. Truly they were such ablessing – God bless you all.

I n early July, Mama Hilary, now her fifth visit, came with Mama Gloria who had waited for 3 years to come but was unable to because of sickness.

It was such a joy to have them both with us. They painted, worked in the office, played with the children- rested and prayed. Their Churches in Farnham have been such a support to us, and now Hilary and Gloria have decided to be our “Ambassadors” – as they really carry in their hearts a desire to find support for our children. ?


MAX AND FLORIAN- we miss you both so much!

We were sorry not only to say good bye to Max and Florian, but they were also our last “Caritas” volunteers. Truly they are part of our family- like 2 big brothers to the children- and always will be. Not knowing each other before they came- they worked together so well and were a blessing to us all. They taught the children more than we will ever know, but also Maths, English, computer, drawing, to make games…please come back!!




Hello Helen! – This young lady came back after being with us a few years ago. As you can see another member of our now extending family! Mama Mia was kept busy in making her new patchwork trousers and Helen kept herself busy in every corner of the place- sewing, office, kitchen, and most of all just being!! Enjoying herself with the children. Her three weeks just flew by! We hope all is going well at Uni!


 HELLO TO LYNI AND ROGER! Never been before, but when they walked in the place, it was like they had always been with us. Immediate Grandparents to the kids. And only one weeks stay!! Truly a precious time, and I look forward to seeing you here again. Thank you so much. And the children want to thank you for their time at the swimming pool, which was a gift from your Church! - A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.






Ludmila’s and my dear friend Kat, visited us too in August. She is a teacher in Poland, and is praying about coming to join us!!!! We would love that!




In September, we had the joy of meeting Bibi Rafael and Rafael himself- aged 3+ and a month later Emmanuel- 4+ and his Bibi! (Grandmother!) Both children needing a home as neither really had a home. They have both settled very well and are greatly loved by all. So we now have10 boys and 10 girls!!



 We are well and we have missed Ludmila over the last 2 months.

 The above, Ester, (left) and her sister (right) – Mama Mdogo (little mama) Harness. Enjoying our own Bananas! We have been joined by 3 new Aunties in the May, while I was away, Joyce, Lilian and Sabina, and they have settled in very well.


 We want to thank everyone for your love for us. Especially Mama Hilary for your birthday gifts you have sent us over the last few months.

 “I’m writing a card for Mama Hilary- Thank you.”


“Thank you so much for my Pony- I love it! “ Bianca





Isaya is here opening his birthday present- everyone is excited!







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Hi everyone,

I’ve arrived in England and apart from a few very cold days it is now one of the hottest Mays!
Leaving my lovely family in Tanzania is never easy and I am very thankful for the gift of What’s App, so that I can be in touch with Ester, Ludmila and the children most days.
Our biggest news since Easter is that we have a very beautiful- little 3 year old girl, called Tumaini, which means HOPE. She has spent the whole of here little life until now living in a hospital after her mother died during childbirth. She is adorable, with a lot of character and all the children love her to bits.
We all need the gift of hope. Whilst catching up on news, I’ve been hearing the phrase ‘”when I was just about to give up” and ” when I was just at the end of myself,” and” last minute the lord stepped in.” Our Father never leaves us, He gives us homes, he looks after the widow and the orphan, and He looks after you and me, in all our ups and downs, through all our struggles and traumas. Nothing can separate us from our Father’s love and He loves it when we trust him for every detail of our lives.

God bless you.

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People come to us for different reasons! – Most to be with the children, playing, reading, riding. Some to see us Mama’s, and the children. But our most recent guest from England, felt that she was coming to wash our feet! She asked if we could get fairy lights! Plastic bowls etc. Eventually she arrived with her bags filled with Spa things for washing the Mama’s and Aunties feet. What a very special treat.

Not only that, but somehow it was a timely event as during a time of prayer we had a word that we needed to purify ourselves and not live with anything that is unclean.

After we 3 Mama’s had had our feet washed we went to pray over the foundations of our chapel and the new strip of land alongside it which to date and not yet been prayed over. As we read passages of scripture Ludmila (the fittest of us all!) buried the scripture in the foundations, or around the walls whilst pouring Holy Water.

We 3 in turn then continued to wash the feet of the Aunties, and it was a moving time for them as they knew that the Lord loved them and was washing them clean.

There have been times of repentance, one Uncles left us during this time. So, there was quite a time of shift!

Thank you so much Jan, for the message you brought us. The picture bellow is of Jan reading scripture to the Mamas in “Royston house” sitting room all prepared for the Spa!

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We as so delighted to see the space that has sat waiting for a Chapel for the last 4 years now looking so at home with its new Chapel. It is like it has always been there. The children are longing to have their first time of worship there. I believe it will be an anointed place. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayer. The money used for building the chapel has come mostly from our friends in Czech. God bless you all.

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Prayer for OUR FARM- Please

As with all things in life there is the good and the bad. In the last few months we have had some sad and difficult situations with our small farm. Hannah our first cow died in June giving birth to her calf. She was such a good milking cow. As soon as we could we replaced her with Sarah and she will be calving in the next month.

An even worse situation hit us last month when we realized that with our visiting male Pig, came a disease which killed our 2 sows and 13 babies which were ready for selling at 2 months.

We intend to start up this project again, but will wait until the sickness has completely gone.

Our last chicken project also left us low in spirit as many died suddenly with a sickness that we decided to slaughter all and put them in the freezer.

If you have a special gift to pray for animals please can you pray as we continue these projects, that when working well, really help us with our food budget. Asante Sana ( Thank you so much)

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John Magufuli, the present President of Tanzania has given the country a new saying! “Hapa Kazi tu!”

Here just work! It doesn’t have quite the same kind of ring when it is said in Swahili, and the children love to say it when they are working with all their heart and soul.

In the collage above, not only the children are hard at work, but also Mama Ester. She decided, that day to move all the rubble outside our gates, to fill in the holes in the road. The whole morning, they enjoyed themselves and finished with a soda!!

(For the next few days the children were employed to massage Ester’s back!!)

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God Has Healed My Heart

Everyday I see more and more how God healed my ???? at Karibu Nyumbani. I don't feel full of fear or panic and totally know that I am loved and accepted by my heavenly father.
I also don't have this deep sadness in me which I have had since I was a child. Really the miraculous has happened in my life. God really has healed me of thinking that I am not good, that I am not of worth, he has taken my pain and given me His joy and peace.
You turned my wailing into dancing; 
You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, 
That my heart ???? may sing to you and not be silent.
O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever. 
(Psalm 30: 11-12)


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 I want to greet you all and thank God for everything He is doing in His BIG family here.

We are doing well in our shop, selling the milk, and yogurt and fabric and cloths- Thanks to God. God bless you all.

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 About 50 friends of Ester’s including family, members of Agape Community and friends from our village came, filling our sitting room and dining room. Starting with Mass with Italian Priest- Fr. Angelico, we then had a wonderful time of Praise and Worship giving thanks for Ester’s 50 years.

 The children all gathering in the front singing and dancing celebrating with great joy their Mama Ester’s Birthday.

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I love watching the way things evolve here. Prayer has taken many forms over the last 4 years, and now we are having a time of praise and worship every evening. The children usually get the ball rolling with their confident singing and then the Aunties or Mama’s take over bringing us into a time of worship. Someone prepares a short word from the bible and then talks for about 5 minutes before we all take a turn to pray.
Having their own times of prayer, is something that we pray the children grow up into naturally. We have been longing for a Chapel where they can go and find quiet and we are hoping to start the building very soon!! so please pray for this project with us. 
Any Intercessors among you reading this, please join with Mama’s Ester, Ludmila and myself and Auntie’s Rehema and Harness. We are praying every morning for all our children by name and for other things we feel important for the day.
Our lives are busy- as I am sure you find the same but there is only one thing the Lord desires of us all – to be still and Know that He is God. I was sitting still this morning, and this word gave me much food for my day! “FAITH THAT IS FIRM IS ALSO PATIENT! “ Is 28 v 16 In Swahili that is “ Anayeamini hatatishika” He who has faith is not threatened, or frightened. We pray for you that you have “Faith that is firm”, so that you can face every situation fearlessly and with patience.
God Bless you all.
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We keep coming back for more| My sister Clare and I have just returned from Karibu Nyumbani. This is my third visit, and I am completely addicted to this amazing place (despite the malaria!). I cannot begin to describe the love I feel and the Spiritual boost I get from my visits. The strength of their Faith and the vibrancy of their Worship is uplifting, and when some of the children are leading the singing, it’s as if there is an Angel in the room, and on one occasion, this brought me to tears.
During this visit, we were able to help buy furnishings for the new Guest house ‘Royston House.’ One of the days was spent in Dar es Salaam buying curtain material, wardrobes and a fridge, and another day for beds and sofa. Clare then spent many days getting to grips with the treadle sewing machine, helping Ludmila make curtains
Shopping for furniture in Tanzania is an experience in itself. A fun experience, but nothing like a trip to DFS or any other furniture store in England. The furniture shops line the side of the road between the local town and Dar es Salaam. We tried out a few sofas, whilst watching the traffic drive by and at the end of the day, loaded up a truck with beds, sofa, dining table, chairs and mattresses. Not sure I could accomplish that in day at home.                    
As you would have read in another blog, we celebrated the opening of Royston house whilst we were out there. It was a beautiful occasion, one that Royston would have enjoyed. Sadly we found out the following day that his father, Paolo had died on the day the house was opened. Our heart goes out to Royston’s mum and sister and we keep them in our prayers.
We were honoured to be part of the birthday celebrations during our stay and had great fun watching the children open the giant teddy and penguin that had travelled from England. The whole day was full of food, presents, excitement, laughter, and of course finishing off with thanks and praise to God for all the blessings we have received.
As always it was sad to say good bye but it’s more of a ‘tutaonana baadaye’, ‘see you later’ as I am already looking forward to returning next year.
In the meantime we will continue to keep everyone at Karibu Nyumbani in our prayers.


Hilary x
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“All creatures great and small”. Ludmila was asked this month to make a shirt for a customer. As you can see, she ,Agnes and the children had some fun fitting into it before it arrived with its owner. “The Lord God made us ALL!”



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In last month’s blog, some of you may have read the sad news about a prospective Volunteer, Royston, who tragically died. We were in touch via Hilary with Royston’s parents and prayed for them as a family here. On the official opening day of Royston house, we were gathered in front of the new house singing and praying for the family and Hilary sent a few pictures to his parents.

I want to take this opportunity to ask all friends of Karibu Nyumbani to pray for Royston’s Mother and sistser as Royston’s Father passed away that same night. We pray for all of the family, that they will receive comfort during this time of grief.

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We’ve had a special 3 weeks with Mama Hilary and Mama Clare from England. They will be blogging themselves so I won’t say too much, only that we miss them loads.

Hilary’s 3rd time and Clare’s 2nd. They feel very much part of us and it is hard for the children to understand why they have to go!

Hilary for the last 2 years has sent presents for every child on their birthday so it was lovely that they could both be present with us for our once a year Birthday Celebration in July


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When I was in England I had the joy of buying birthday presents for all the children on behalf of all the Mamas. It was more fun to see them opening them up with great speed and see each one fully absorbed in their new toy.  After chicken and chips, we had cake and soda which was kindly given us by Bonita a friend from our parish.  We love celebrations!!

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While Ludmila and I were away, our first Cow- Hannah gave birth to a very large calf and became very weak, dying after about 5 days. It was terrible news, as she was such a lovely cow and gave us the most milk. She alone was almost paying through Yoghurt and Fresh milk for all our other animals. We have already replaced her with a one year cow in calf expecting to give birth within the month. Please pray for Sarai, our new cow, that all will be well.

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