Baba Paul and Mama Hilary return

Baba Paul and Mama Hilary return
In July we once again we had the privilege of being part of the wonderful family at Karibu Nyumbani. Upon our arrival at the airport , we were greeted by shouts and hugs from some of the children. What a wonderful surprise that was.
We arrived at the beginning of July, in the middle of the preparations for their celebrations to officially open the Chapel and bless the orphanage. The day of celebration was an amazing experience, the orphanage was buzzing with love, life and the Holy Spirit and being a part of it was awesome.
As usual, spending time with the children was our primary purpose of our visit, with a little bit of painting and decorating thrown in! We enjoyed every minute of our stay, three weeks just wasn’t long enough but we can now start planning next year’s visit.

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