A Christmas Thought


Our little three year old Florian often gets a runny nose and he said to me recently that he would like God to make him a new nose. I think even as get older, we might love God to make us a new in some way or other!

Perhaps a new heart?

Jesus had a thankful heart. When He was presented with the 5000, He was given a few loaves and fish. I just might have been a little despondent but He gave thanks to His Father! AND. It was changed into enough to feed 5000 with 12 baskets left over.

St Paul says give thanks always! EVEN for the food we eat! WHY? Because just giving thanks has the power to make poisonous food edible! Having a grateful heart can change every situation.

"Jesus said- "COME UNTO ME ALL YOU WEARY AND HEAVY LAIDEN AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST." Rest I think comes through an ability to trust.

Tanzanians have very thankful hearts. If asked "how are you?" The reply will more often be "Fine-thanks be to God". Even in the midst of a difficult situation their answer is the same and they really mean it! They know that their situation could quite easily be worse, so they are thankful for what they have. Generally the poor have a wonderful ability to see God with them in everything.

Emmanuel- God with us. Jesus is with us- Our Joy, the reason for our hope and thankful hearts.

We pray for you all that He will give you more than you ever thought possible! JOY, REST AND THANKFULNESS.

He is the Father of the Fatherless!

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