Somebody recently asked me if I would ever do pottery here in Tanzania.

Whilst answering her question I could see more how what I am doing now in Tanzania with these wonderful children fulfils in a deeper way than ever before one of the dreams of my heart.

Although I was a part time potter living in the House of the Open Door Community- England for over 30 years, one of the delights of my heart was to talk to people of the Father Heart of God. I used to go into schools, prisons, Conferences and churches to talk to the young and the old of how the hands of the Potter on the clay is how their Heavenly Father’s hands holds them. Just to know that He knows us through and through is just how a potter knows his clay.  He knows the secret parts of us, the inside of us just as the Potter is the only one who sees the inside of the pot on the wheel.

On my journey through Tanzania to Uganda 2010 whilst following the call of God to “ leave all for a new land” and after meeting Ester who told me of her dream to start an Orphanage, I was asked by some potters in Uganda if I would lead a community for Potters. It was the strangest thing that before me was a choice – continue to work with adults and clay- or Orphaned children.

Having the choice made it clear to me that I now wanted to hold a child in my hand just has I held the clay and help them to come into the centre of their Father’s love. Each child here in Karibu Nyumbani is His, if I can hold them, be Mama and bring them closer to their Heavenly Father, nothing could make me happier. I am the happiest Mama on earth!

By the way, it might be that I also teach the pottery one day!!!