Above all else, we are FAMILY. Formally, we are a NGO (non-governmental organization) based in Kibaha (just outside of Dar es Salaam), Tanzania, East Africa.

Fiona Hendy from England and Ester Mwakyanjala from Tanzania first met in 2010. This meeting brought about the vision and birth of Karibu Nyumbani. What started as a simple vision has now become an oasis, where orphans share a home with mamas, aunties, uncles and volunteers.


Founder Ester Mwakyanjala alias “Mama Ester” 

She trained as a nurse and midwife.

She helped build Karibu Nyumbani and worked at the Bethsaida School for Orphans as Matron for the girls.

Ester says, “It has been a vision on my heart for years to start a home, not only for young orphans but also for older girls with no home and work.

I thank God that He is making a way where there seemed to be no way!”





Founder Fiona Hendy alias “Mama Pipi”


Fiona is a founder member and former leader of House of the Open Door Community, England.

Fiona says, “For so many years, I sang a song with the words ‘He alone is faithful and true, He alone knows what’s best for you.

So when you don’t understand when you don’t see His plan when you can’t trace His hand trust His heart!’

I came here to Tanzania not knowing why, just following a ‘call’ from God and now I feel I am doing what I always wanted to do – help some of God’s little ones who cannot help themselves.”





Ludmila Sindelkova alias “Mama Mia”

Ludmila was a nun in the Underground Church in the Czech Republic during Communism for 20 years.

She was a high school dress-making teacher for 12 years.

Ludmila says, “When Fiona set off for Africa, she was doing what I had always longed to do – it has been the deepest desire of my heart to work with the poor.

It is so good to be a part of a team to build a home for orphans.”






From the very beginning, young Tanzanian girls from near and far have come to volunteer on a short-term basis.

Some have stayed up to 3 years. They are like the mama’s right hand!



Karibu Nyumbani has a couple of young men who help with gardening and caring for the animals.

Moreover, there is a watchman who guards the place at night.



The Children

Currently, there are fourteen children staying with Karibu Nyumbani. These precious ones are the reason why we are here. All of them have been through a lot, despite their young age. Nevertheless, they are bundles of joy, hope, love and life! Our vision is to have up to 40 children, who truly treat each other as siblings, finding a home here.



Volunteers alias “Akina Dada”

We get Caritas volunteers who stay with us for 10 months at a time once a year.

Additionally, we welcome other, short-term volunteers to join our family.