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People come to us for different reasons! – Most to be with the children, playing, reading, riding. Some to see us Mama’s, and the children. But our most recent guest from England, felt that she was coming to wash our feet! She asked if we could get fairy lights! Plastic bowls etc. Eventually she arrived with her bags filled with Spa things for washing the Mama’s and Aunties feet. What a very special treat.

Not only that, but somehow it was a timely event as during a time of prayer we had a word that we needed to purify ourselves and not live with anything that is unclean.

After we 3 Mama’s had had our feet washed we went to pray over the foundations of our chapel and the new strip of land alongside it which to date and not yet been prayed over. As we read passages of scripture Ludmila (the fittest of us all!) buried the scripture in the foundations, or around the walls whilst pouring Holy Water.

We 3 in turn then continued to wash the feet of the Aunties, and it was a moving time for them as they knew that the Lord loved them and was washing them clean.

There have been times of repentance, one Uncles left us during this time. So, there was quite a time of shift!

Thank you so much Jan, for the message you brought us. The picture bellow is of Jan reading scripture to the Mamas in “Royston house” sitting room all prepared for the Spa!