Mama Mia( Ludmila), aunties and volunteers all left for Mbeya about the 13th of December. Mbeya is the home town of Ester and her family, and this is the 3 time Esters parents have taken all our children for a holiday. It is about a 15-hour coach journey, so 20 seats were booked for the long-squashed drive to Mbeya.

Ester and I joined the party the day before Christmas by aeroplane and stayed until the New Year. We did a head count around Christmas day and we counted over 40 people! Ester’s family and relatives were in and out all day, and the children were perfectly happy at home with their Bibi and Babu-(Grandma and Grandpa) 

Christmas day the children had a few gifts in the stockings (Thanks to Hilary and Clare who left things for the children when they came in July!)

The spinning tops were a great hit! 

Going to church was a big outing and was the first time for some of the children to get into a Bajaji!

Christmas Dinner was the children’s best meal! - Chicken and chips!!! And that’s a lot of work on a wood fire and slaughtering and plucking all on the same day!

Our volunteers took the children in the afternoon for a treasure hunt which lasted 3 hours, so the house was quiet, for the rest of us to have a sleep.

There wasn’t much quiet as you can imagine- and that is exactly why Bibi and Babu love our children- they will miss them today as they come back on the coach!


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