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This is a project that we have needed to move forward as quickly as we could due to safety.

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Neema came to us at the age of nearly 3 and when she came she could not walk or speak. Her mother died when she was born from an epileptic fit during delivery, and Neema was affected by a lack of oxygen.

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I Want to Help!! Laura's Blog


"I want to help!“

Like for most of the young people deciding to volunteer, this was the main reason for me to come to Tanzania four years ago. Of course I wanted to see another country and a different culture. And not yet knowing what kind of profession I would like to perform later on, I wanted to experience as much as possible. But the main reason was helping. 

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Holidays in Mbeya

The volunteers did a wonderful video of their holiday with us and the children in Mbeya. Take a look at their video!

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IMANI who has been with us now 2 years had his first day at school last week.He was one of our little ones who spent the first few years in hospital and came to us with bowed legs. Please pray for him as he starts school.He goes every day with Emmy who is 4 and a half too.He came home to Happy Birthday songs and a beautiful Dinosaur from Mama Hilary☺

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our Friends and Readers.


We pray for blessings for you and all your families and thank you all for your prayers as we go into this New Year. 

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Before Christmas we were invited by Bonita a dear friend, to have a Christmas party with her and her family.

We had a wonderful day, playing, jumping, dodging rain, eating and drinking. Thank you so much Bonita and all who helped to make the day so special.

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Mama Mia( Ludmila), aunties and volunteers all left for Mbeya about the 13th of December. Mbeya is the home town of Ester and her family, and this is the 3 time Esters parents have taken all our children for a holiday. It is about a 15-hour coach journey, so 20 seats were booked for the long-squashed drive to Mbeya.

Ester and I joined the party the day before Christmas by aeroplane and stayed until the New Year. We did a head count around Christmas day and we counted over 40 people! Ester’s family and relatives were in and out all day, and the children were perfectly happy at home with their Bibi and Babu-(Grandma and Grandpa) 

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Before going to Mbeya, I went to a special Mass in our village, it was outside on the edge of a dusty street, in the home of one of our Parishioners.

At the Mass, there were 20 babies getting Baptized. I thought that was many! Until I went to a Mass the day after Christmas in Mbeya-There were near to 100 babies being baptized! It was an amazing experience of Joy. Here in Tanzania, when you are happy or excited you do – “Vigeligeli” There is no word for is in English- Perhaps it would be- make a loud sound of joy! The Ladies especially were making this loud sound of joy as their babies were being blessed and baptized- it was as if I could hear the angels rejoicing in Heaven!  Children are a special blessing from the Lord! What a joy to be among them!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all at Karibu Nyumbani.

Here's our Christmas video message from the kids and volunteers.

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One of my thoughts this month has been - KEEP TRUSTING DADDY. 

Living in Tanzania has been such a beautiful lesson in TRUSTING GOD.

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A few weeks ago, Sarah gave birth to a healthy calf and she is well and giving plenty of milk!!! Milk sales have doubled! Thank you so much for your prayers.


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A few months ago, we had a gift from the President of Tanzania! He decided to give some food to the Social Services and we were chosen as the Orphanage in our area to receive some rice, and maize and a goat. Ester said we shouldn’t slaughter the goat- and lo and behold she gave birth to twins!! Thank you Magufuli! By the way we have called our goat Magufuli!

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Our chapel is growing! We have had some very encouraging comments from people in the village saying how they want to join us for prayer in the evening. 


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New Road

Whilst our builders were waiting for the roofing of the Chapel to be done they started and finished the road to Royston house. As you can see it is the beginning of the November rainy season! (picture taken half way through October!)

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Water Tower

Adjoining the Chapel, a “Water tower” has been especially built to hold all the water for Royston house, and any new houses we may want to build in the future! Under the tower will be a sacristy, toilet and hallway into the Chapel.

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Early Rains Bring Wall Down!

Early one morning a few weeks ago, we were woken up with the news that our wall had fallen.

With every challenge comes with it a need to trust God more, and on this day, peace rested in my heart, knowing that Our God knows everything.

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African Rains

You won’t believe this but one of our largest bills is our water bill.

But when the rains come we turn off the mains water pipe and allow the rain to fill up our “kisima” -Water container. When the rains fall, our crops grow for free, if you plant them of course!

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Visit from Immigration

It’s not so easy to get in and out of Tanzania if you want to stay more than the initial 3 months visitors allowance. So, Ludmila and I, have since last year needed to do extra work getting a work permit as well as visa and we had a surprise visit from the Immigration office as they wanted to see if we really existed!!


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