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Prayer for OUR FARM- Please

As with all things in life there is the good and the bad. In the last few months we have had some sad and difficult situations with our small farm. Hannah our first cow died in June giving birth to her calf. She was such a good milking cow. As soon as we could we replaced her with Sarah and she will be calving in the next month.

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John Magufuli, the present President of Tanzania has given the country a new saying! “Hapa Kazi tu!”

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God Has Healed My Heart

 Everyday I see more and more how God healed my 💝 at Karibu Nyumbani. I don't feel full of fear or panic and totally know that I am loved and accepted by my heavenly father.I also don't have this deep sadness in me which I have had since I was a child. Really the miraculous has happened in my life. God really has healed me of thinking that I am not good, that I am not of worth, he has taken my pain and given me His joy and peace. -Kat  You turned my wailing into dancing; You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, That my heart 💖 may sing to you and not be silent.O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever. (Psalm 30: 11-12)


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 I want to greet you all and thank God for everything He is doing in His BIG family here.

We are doing well in our shop, selling the milk, and yogurt and fabric and cloths- Thanks to God. God bless you all.

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 About 50 friends of Ester’s including family, members of Agape Community and friends from our village came, filling our sitting room and dining room. Starting with Mass with Italian Priest- Fr. Angelico, we then had a wonderful time of Praise and Worship giving thanks for Ester’s 50 years.

 The children all gathering in the front singing and dancing celebrating with great joy their Mama Ester’s Birthday.

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I love watching the way things evolve here. Prayer has taken many forms over the last 4 years, and now we are having a time of praise and worship every evening. The children usually get the ball rolling with their confident singing and then the Aunties or Mama’s take over bringing us into a time of worship. Someone prepares a short word from the bible and then talks for about 5 minutes before we all take a turn to pray. Having their own times of prayer, is something that we pray the children grow up into naturally. We have been longing for a Chapel where they can go and find quiet and we are hoping to start the building very soon!! so please pray for this project with us.  Any Intercessors among you reading this, please join with Mama’s Ester, Ludmila and myself and Auntie’s Rehema and Harness. We are praying every morning for all our children by name and for other things we feel important for the day. Our lives are busy- as I am sure you find the same but there is only one thing the Lord desires of us all – to be still and Know that He is God. I was sitting still this morning, and this word gave me much food for my day! “FAITH THAT IS FIRM IS ALSO PATIENT! “ Is 28 v 16 In Swahili that is “ Anayeamini hatatishika” He who has faith is not threatened, or frightened. We pray for you that you have “Faith that is firm”, so that you can face every situation fearlessly and with patience. God Bless you all.  
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We keep coming back for more| My sister Clare and I have just returned from Karibu Nyumbani. This is my third visit, and I am completely addicted to this amazing place (despite the malaria!). I cannot begin to describe the love I feel and the Spiritual boost I get from my visits. The strength of their Faith and the vibrancy of their Worship is uplifting, and when some of the children are leading the singing, it’s as if there is an Angel in the room, and on one occasion, this brought me to tears. During this visit, we were able to help buy furnishings for the new Guest house ‘Royston House.’ One of the days was spent in Dar es Salaam buying curtain material, wardrobes and a fridge, and another day for beds and sofa. Clare then spent many days getting to grips with the treadle sewing machine, helping Ludmila make curtainsShopping for furniture in Tanzania is an experience in itself. A fun experience, but nothing like a trip to DFS or any other furniture store in England. The furniture shops line the side of the road between the local town and Dar es Salaam. We tried out a few sofas, whilst watching the traffic drive by and at the end of the day, loaded up a truck with beds, sofa, dining table, chairs and mattresses. Not sure I could accomplish that in day at home.                    As you would have read in another blog, we celebrated the opening of Royston house whilst we were out there. It was a beautiful occasion, one that Royston would have enjoyed. Sadly we found out the following day that his father, Paolo had died on the day the house was opened. Our heart goes out to Royston’s mum and sister and we keep them in our prayers. We were honoured to be part of the birthday celebrations during our stay and had great fun watching the children open the giant teddy and penguin that had travelled from England. The whole day was full of food, presents, excitement, laughter, and of course finishing off with thanks and praise to God for all the blessings we have received.As always it was sad to say good bye but it’s more of a ‘tutaonana baadaye’, ‘see you later’ as I am already looking forward to returning next year. In the meantime we will continue to keep everyone at Karibu Nyumbani in our prayers.


 Hilary x  
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“All creatures great and small”. Ludmila was asked this month to make a shirt for a customer. As you can see, she ,Agnes and the children had some fun fitting into it before it arrived with its owner. “The Lord God made us ALL!”

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In last month’s blog, some of you may have read the sad news about a prospective Volunteer, Royston, who tragically died. We were in touch via Hilary with Royston’s parents and prayed for them as a family here. On the official opening day of Royston house, we were gathered in front of the new house singing and praying for the family and Hilary sent a few pictures to his parents.

I want to take this opportunity to ask all friends of Karibu Nyumbani to pray for Royston’s Mother and sistser as Royston’s Father passed away that same night. We pray for all of the family, that they will receive comfort during this time of grief.

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We’ve had a special 3 weeks with Mama Hilary and Mama Clare from England. They will be blogging themselves so I won’t say too much, only that we miss them loads.

Hilary’s 3rd time and Clare’s 2nd. They feel very much part of us and it is hard for the children to understand why they have to go!

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When I was in England I had the joy of buying birthday presents for all the children on behalf of all the Mamas. It was more fun to see them opening them up with great speed and see each one fully absorbed in their new toy.  After chicken and chips, we had cake and soda which was kindly given us by Bonita a friend from our parish.  We love celebrations!!

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While Ludmila and I were away, our first Cow- Hannah gave birth to a very large calf and became very weak, dying after about 5 days. It was terrible news, as she was such a lovely cow and gave us the most milk. She alone was almost paying through Yoghurt and Fresh milk for all our other animals. We have already replaced her with a one year cow in calf expecting to give birth within the month. Please pray for Sarai, our new cow, that all will be well.

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UBONIFU DARISANI- (creativity in the classroom!)

Just wanted to give you a little look through our classroom window into the wonderful things going on.

Please pray for teacher Agnes that she will have no problem with renewing her residence permit!!

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We were sorry to be saying good- bye to Julian and David who were with us for 10 months. They both became very much part of our family here. Julian wrote in the April blog and here’s a short excert of David’s report.

……My ten months in Tanzania have changed me surely a lot. But how profound and long-lasting these changes will be, will be shown only by time. But I am sure, that I will go with a more positive attitude, self-confident in my future, and that the time in Tanzania will always stay with me as a jewel in my memory. If I could decide again tomorrow to break up for my voluntary service in Tanzania, I would not wait and answer with a loud “Yes”.

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It feels like I left England for Africa years ago, yet I can't believe my time at Karibu Nyumbani is over already, so maybe it has only been three months and I just wish it could be years. I arrived in the evening, so was greeted with dinner which is always followed by family time, involving lively worship songs, shared prayer and a Bible reading. I was touched by the hospitality of the Tanzanians and their very apparent love of God; gladly these two things have been consistent throughout my stay. 

Learning to count to 100 in Swahili before coming proved useful. Drawing with the children created good opportunities for shared learning too as I could speak English to them and they would teach me the Swahili. I hoped to pick up more through conversation, but it doesn't matter that I did not because I am going home with something far more valuable than knowledge and a reminder of the greatest lesson. 

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Whilst on holiday in Pembrokeshire Ludmila and I met some of Jane’s friends- Viv and Gareth, who told many of their friends to gather together cloths and shoes for the children. They came all the way to Worcestershire to HOD Community to give us all they had collected. We were happy to be able to bring a big percentage back with us. God bless you all for your love.

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I am standing in a queue in the bank in our near town- Kibaha. It’s the seventh time I’ve returned to Tanzania from England. You would think I’d be used to it by now. If you were to stand with me here  you would know why there is a smile on my face right now.

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This year, my holiday was different. I travelled with Fiona to England to visit the Community HOD (The House of the Open-Door Community) who I haven’t seen for a long time. I want to thank all of them for their support and prayers.

Then we went to visit Jane our good friend who invited us to come and spend time in her new house in Pembrokeshire, we spent 6 days together there and really enjoyed very much this time.

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